you know your in the chatterbox right?

immaturity is the core of the chatterbox
spam is the fuel of the chatterbox
hate is the topping on the cake that is the chatterbox

its a deadly cake so don't eat any

I love biting
I love music, I have over 7k songs on my comp of all sorts
I'm not a stable person, so don't ever come to me looking for stability, compassion sure but not stability
I'm not quite normal, nor would I want to be
I have 8 tattoos< at the moment
I have a tongue peircing
I dress in black alot, other than when I'm at work
I have 2 kitties, the boy's name is Gir, he was born 6/27/07, he is the Doombringer, Destroyer of Chopsticks
the girls name is Badb, she was born sometime before Halloween 2007, and i rescued her from outside, she is tiny, and I call her my lil girl

I Don't donate anymore to anyone