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Hello Again!This RPC/OC was designed as a collab character for Me[GreedPhonse] and hanyou_alchemist ,
So many love BlueBird's Illusion's "Ed!Pride",we decided "why not make a better version of Homunculus!Edward Elric?"

I'm very knowledgeable about homunculi,ESPECIALLY homunculi from the 2003 series of FMA.So....we both dislike the character of Ed!Pride in BBI,and I've seen amazing revamps.Though this "PrideWard" is entirely a story of his own,not a revamp of BBI in anyway,Originally he was made through an RP,but we decided to make him into an oc,similar to my baby, "GreedPhonse",who I've created and made into a good AU[Alternate Universe] oc since 2005.

So PrideWard ? Why don't we get started?


Pride's concept is from a "force" human transmutation,Pride is the embodiment of both Ed's suppressed envy of happy and normal lives and his egotistical self view,Along with the alchemic scientists' view to achieve "Goddom". Pride was created using the sacrifice of a secret doner to commit Human Transmutation experiments,despite Bradley was originally "Pride" he gave the okay,as well as Pride becoming Dante's precious pet.Though despite being nursed to become a true homunculus by eating the red stones to obtain a human form,Pride later on becomes a rebellious,sadistic,and arrogant person.As he clung to Dante,seeing her as a maternal figure,he later on began to believe he was superior as he was taken under Lust and Envy's wing to learn about "their views",trained to be a killing machine,he left immediately.Being haunted by Edward's face and memories,he decides to rid himself "Of such pathetic ties" ruining his longing to be the most superior homunculus,as well as erasing Edward's life,starting with his Brother Alphonse,The Rockbells,and His Military ties[Roy Mustang].But arriving apon the Rockbells,he finds out that Winry was used as the toll to create him.


Pride was forcibly created due to Greed[Phonse]'s desire to have Edward back as a puppet,but even better as to raise a homunculus to torment those close to Ed,out of a sadistic thrill to destroy his sinner's past as well as Alphonse's.Pride is obsessive and clingy to Greed being raised and nurtured by him for a 1 and half when he was born.Despite Greed could not do alchemy,capturing an Alchemist and a "special" toll doner,Pride[Ward] was created.
Manipulated to become the incarnation of Greed's own selfish,arrogant,and egotistical views,Pride literally becomes Greed's "Pride" as he was the embodiment of Edward's "Greed".
Though Pride is rebellious,his own personality is unique,based similar to Greed's,he despises humans as well as wanting to corrupt them due to his sadistic nature and blood lust.His goal is to truly overpower all,and take down the original Pride,Fuhur King Bradley.But wanting the stone for his own desire to be the ruler of all,him and Greed split ways.


Pride's oroborus mark is on his forehead as a symbol of one's ego.It symbolizes one's thought of being perfect,since the mind is mainly used to "believe" you are perfect,as well as the "idea".

His attire,especially his jacket is meant to be extravagant,the fur is meant to be luxurious,as Pride wants ONLY the best.This contributes to his body being in shape,though his hair is slightly messy or more so "attention" grabbing


Height : 5'5''
Real Age: 2 years
Eyes : Bright Purple
Hair Color: Dark Gold
Skin: Pale Pink
Oroborus Mark: Forehead

Power/Ability: N/A
Concepts by LadyDemona are of Pride's ability to manipulate water to an extent since as he communicates with it,it slowly dehydrates him,he himself can even hear or see by water when focusing,but this causes extreme stress to his body.Ice is also able to be formed,such as frost bite and hypothermia by touch

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"Hello dear Pride" he said with a devious smile.

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