Heyy guys, Well so I know this like the "all about me" box but my username tells mostly the things about me. Im a true harry potter nerd! Saw every movie and saw every movie and TEAM MALFOY all the way =)!! I also have a pottermore =) My username is "Stormoak31641",go ahead and add me. I know twilights in my name,used to like it now I know it was a big mistake! If you are a twilight fan and your reading this, dont PM me s**t about how twilight is better than harry potter. And I also love the pretty little liars, read the series and am watching it on Abc Family. I also love One Direction, love the boys esp. Harry Styles, Liam Payne, and Zayn Mailk =)
I am not one of those girls who like one direction because they look hot or whatever I actually like their music,which probably is because I'm listening it to it now. So you can basically see my personality in this message, and no i dont care about my grammar but im not a dumbass or a stuckup smartass. So if you wanna know more about me PM me, add me here or my pottermore account biggrin
BTW my favorite color is purple and I'm a Ravenclaw on pottermore thats why this message is half blue and purple.