Hello and welcome to my site! My real and the birth name given to me is rele Kathleen. I gave my gaia character the name Ferlyn because i named her after my cuzin( Not rele! I did it bcuz her name was way better to use.)
Now about me. Well im 14 and my birthday is on April 21. Im all flilipino but was born outside of the philipines( i think thats how u spell it. LOL!)I live somewhere in Canada. my friends call me the hyper one who enjoys laughin, I guess thats true. When you see me i always hav a smile. I love sports. My all time fav is Basketball. But i play all. I love to read manga on my spare time and i thank all my anime luver friends who got me hooked to it. I love to shop but i guess all girls do. I guess im just the average teenager.
My appearance. I have short black hair with blond/brown
highlights. i have brown eyes but they hide behind my glasses. I call my self short becuz everyone in my class is way taller than me. But i love who i am
I appreciate if u took the time to actually read a bit about me. I didnt rite all about me bcuz i wud probably bore u ppl to death and it wud take up to much of my free time. So bye and thanks!


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Eccentric Fruit

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Eccentric Fruit

i'm okaii and u?

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hey! wazzup

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2nd xD I love the show too!!! mel r. rocks my socks!!!!
Eccentric Fruit

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Eccentric Fruit

whooo first comment ^^ XD