I'm Breanna, as you might have learned from my Signature. I am a heterosexual female from Canada. I'm Short, curvy, and have small hands and feet. I am the eldest of all my siblings. I live with a room mate, I hate his cat. I love free things. Large donations are always rewarded with a 'Thank You' sign picture. I love receiving sign pictures as well. *hint*

Feel free to PM me. I don't mind random messages and always respond.

Zombies, Warm Cloudy Days, Ice Water, Perogies, Men, Fuzzy Socks, My Parents, Animals, Whipping Cream, Belgian Chocolate, Star Wars, Nail Polish, Red, Purple, Blue, Galaxy Pants, Video Games, Men, Moisturiser, Bubble Baths, Short Hair, Uniforms, My Grandpa, My Fish, Easy Days At Work, Cigarettes, Beer, Southern Accents, Scottish Accents, Pretty Birds, Sith, Ambition, Strategy, Black Lights, Make Up, Men

Olives, Kitty Litter, Being Whistled At, English Accents, Australian Accents, Insects, Anything Dead, Jedi, Apathy, Ignorance, Bullying, Yellow, Curly Hair, Blond Men

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