Go Ahead, Get to Know me.

Hullo luv's,
My name is Jenna.
But you can call me Jenn, Jenna, Rainy, Lulli, lullipop, Sky, Luv, Canni, Voluptuous, Voluptuosly, Premump, Pre, Prem, Vol, Cannibalistic Cookies, Canni Cookies, Candy, Cupi-cake, Vanilla-B, Bee, Hun, and just about anything else you can come up with.

Here's a little bit about me-
Sorry this list is a wee bit long
I love to write
I adore drawing
I enjoy reading
I live for Gaia
I really love rain {Cliché I know.}
I'm currently taken <3
My favorite color's Green.
This is my 3rd account.
I'm shy
I'm very creative.
I love to sculpt.
to me my birthday is nonexistent. I don't acknowledge it... So neither should you.
I also don't celebrate my period.... Just so you know,
I guess I can be Sarcastic. Who knew?
I don't like my laugh...
I don't like my voice either. People tell me I sound "innocent" which means I sound like a freaking five year old.
I tend to have a soft voice.
I'm in no way, at all, anywhere near perfect.
I've made a ton of mistakes, and honestly I still have yet to fix some.
I can't be classified under any sort of clique, so don't bother trying.
I'm really good at messing up.
I can be lazy at times.
I've never really had to go to the doctor for anything serious,
Even so, emotionally I get hurt a lot, and I usually just take it like a whimp.
I have a strange imagination.
I'm somewhat mature for my age.
<.< I may be mature but I like to have fun..
I find it really easy to make friends.
Sometimes I feel like there is nothing left to live for. Which I guess means I have depression, or something like that.
I don't act depressed, and I don't openly tell people how I'm really feeling.
Don't be mistaken, I'm not borderline suicidal. Suicide, in Gods eyes is an unforgivable sin.
I hate that I have to say I'm sorry so much.
I don't actually hate anyone, although I don't agree with a lot of peoples ideas of beliefs.
I'm not sexist, or racist. You earn my opinion.
My best Friend in the world is teaching me that Judging, no matter how normal it may seem, is not right.
I don't like cussing, but it's become a habit. So I apologize in advance. I'm trying to stop.
Promises mean nothing to me, In this world people have forgotten what a promise is.
I also don't usually believe people when they tell me to trust them. If you've earned it then obviously I will, but otherwise it's as worthless as promises are to me.
I tend to be a boring person to hang out with.
That being said I don't really like talking.
I live in Florida
I hate Florida, way to sunny just in case your wondering
I'm generally really nice. Which I'm learning isn't always a good thing.
I love meeting new people.
I live for Music, any kind except rap and most hiphop
I'm currently a Student.
I usually spend my days hanging out on Msn or Hanging with my Best friend Brooke.
That being said I do have a Msn, Ask for it if you'd like.
I'm Christian.
I'm Conservative Republican. And Damn proud of it.
Spelling and Grammar obviously isn't my thing, but I do try to correct myself.
I'm a Pacifist, so obviously I don't enjoy fighting.
My Best friend on Gaia has to be Katie, who has helped me so much <3
I hate it when people ignore me.
I also have a long list of things that disgust me but that's a whole 'nother paragraph.

Don't Ask.
I do not do art or signs
I do not give out pics.
I do not give out My number. {Unless your special.}
I do not donate any longer. {I'm actually poor believe it or not e.e}
That being said I also do not accept donations.

Uh that's all I'm saying for now.
Wanna know more? Then talk to me o.o dur...

Anywho Bye