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my name is rayanne i am 14 years old and i go to central west high school. I'm short i'm a 100% Fillipino and i live in Fresno Ca. I'm shy , quiet , but once you get to know me i am like a really outgoing person. I am loud sometimes and i could get quiet annoying so please don't mind me. At times i could be a real b***h i could piss people off once in a while. I'm light tan, short hair, black hair, and i'm about averaged size, not skinny but not fat (well i think i'm a fat a**). I love to write poety, hang out with friends, and at times i like to write stories. I usually spend my time doing nothing, i am not really on the computer so often. Not unless i'm on the computer watching porn and i am masterbating to it (just kidding). Hmmm.... Oh my god i am like so obbsessed with the piano, i love there music but its just reallly ( i spelled really wrong) i don't know? it's sounds so beautiful and i am like so pissed off cause i can't play for s**t >=[ but yea . . . And for somereason i am like obbsessed with guys with greasy hair. It turns me on, you probably think i am really wierd but whatever, i don't really care what you guys think. And i am also into music such as ......

User Image

Marilyn Manson
User Image

Cradle of Filth

and . . .

User Image

Theatre of Tragedy . .

well that's some of the music i like =)

and here are some pictures of muah~ me

User Image
that's my myspace if you want to check it out
User Image
I love this picutre i love my glasses (god damit Jared you lost them!)
User Image
User Image
i like this one =)

User Image
this is a pic of me when i use to wear make up .

User Image
and here's a picture of me not wearing so much make up. Everyone says i look better without it, i look less scary .

I also like Angels =)

User Image
this is my popular one
User Image
this is my most favorite one =)

And i love roses =)

User Image

Happy Tree Friends LMFAO =)
User Image

And here are some of the poems i wrote

"Guardian Angel"
I'll always be there to look after you
I'll always be in your heart
cause I know that no matter what
we'll never be apart
your smile is what makes me happy
your love is what keeps me alive
without you I feel so dead
without you I can't survive
you are like a drug to me
a drug I take everyday
you are my addiction
my addiction that can't go away
you light up the darkness
you guide me the way
you teach me whats wrong from right
your the sunshine of my day
your soul is what gives me life
your a medicine that helps me cure
I know that your love for me
your love for me is sure
I promise you
no matter how far we are
you'll always be mine
cause I know you feel the same
and your my light that shines
your the blanket that keeps me warm
you put the smile on my face
your the one who's always there
to make sure I'm not out of place
I'll always be here to guide you
I'll still be here when your gone
I'll always be your guardian angel
I'll always be the one."

"I tried to find a cure,
that nobody could find,
a cure of tears and memories,
that can't be left behind,
behind my tears and heart aches,
behind these weary eyes,
the pain that just keeps growing,
behind my smile that lies,
my face is just a picture,
an image I can hide,
cause know one knows the real me,
the me of whats inside,
I'm so sick of living,
and suffering the pain,
life get so harder,and harder to regain,
my heart is black,
my life has died,
that brought me into the world of commiting suicide..


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xxMementoMori Report | 01/07/2011 11:49 am
You write really good(:
PeacefulBear Report | 09/12/2009 10:15 pm
oh hi its harmonny this is my new account
A FistFull Of Charms Report | 09/12/2009 10:00 pm
A FistFull Of Charms
omg! Hi! i miss u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Harmony said hi
Caio Vieira Report | 06/17/2009 1:20 pm
Caio Vieira
Sua Puta Veia e Gorda
VENDATTA Report | 04/10/2009 6:32 pm
VENDATTA Report | 04/07/2009 1:41 pm
im good u?
VENDATTA Report | 04/07/2009 12:51 pm
rayanne =D
A FistFull Of Charms Report | 04/06/2009 6:08 pm
A FistFull Of Charms
cool me 2
A FistFull Of Charms Report | 04/06/2009 6:02 pm
A FistFull Of Charms
A FistFull Of Charms Report | 04/06/2009 5:59 pm
A FistFull Of Charms
hey no fair lol



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