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About the Girl

Name: Her Imperial Highness Marit Shiruba of Norway
Name Meaning: Silver Pearl
Nickname: Mari, Ri, Norway's Diamond and Ari.
Age: Thirty
Birthday: November 30th

Eyes: The stunning silver gems of her soul hold a maturity and a kindness within them which got her many of her leading roles, the lashes that frame them are almost breath taking in how they compliment the silver hue. Many have said that her nickname does not come from her talent but her eyes as many have commented it almost looks like her eyes are made of diamonds, shining with her entire soul. However watch the color, if the shade becomes darker than young woman is about to snap and is the only sign obvious to her unleashed rage.
Hair: Marit’s hair is not something she pays much attention to, as long as it is nice and neat she does not really care how it looks. The long mane of silver strands is normally what most people notice, especially when she is in her princess attire. Her hair almost seems as graceful as herself, moving as if gravity itself does not really seem to matter. When down and in its normal style Marit’s hair reaches the floor, her hair is rather straight but always seems to have a wavy swing to it.
Skin: Okay so maybe pimples and spots normally come to any person, I mean that is the natural way of life and most girls freak when they get them after all. That aside the young woman finds her skin rather clear and smooth, or in the mortal words of a certain potter "She has nice skin." Marit’s sink is rather pale in comparison to the normal people around her, fitting the appearance of a proper princess.
Height: She is 190cm tall, which is 6 foot and 3 inches, taller than most people but sometimes she can seem to be taller if she wears the right shoes or if she stands perfectly up straight.
Weight: It’s not polite to ask a woman her weight, neither it is to ask her age but Shizuru is 170lb. She keeps herself in the correct weight range, it was not be honorable to have an unhealthy weight for a princess, and after all she is always known for the grace, skill, power and beauty.
Build: Marit has a rather athletic and pretty much perfect build, or so she had been told, and uses it to her advantage.
Distinguishing Marks or Traits: Marit does not really have any distinguishing traits which stand out, well aside from her diamond like eyes and long hair. You could say how pale she is compared to other people, despite how much time she spends out in the sun, is her distinguishing trait.

Blood Type: AB
Sun Sign: Sagittarius
Gemstone: Tourmalines, Ambers and Chrysocolla

Likes: [Food] is one of those necessary items you need to live, though it is said you can live without it if you have water. In this case this young woman enjoys her food, but only certain types. The young woman is someone who does enjoy her chocolate, especially the white, so if you add that with a toffee, fudge or caramel you’ll find your way to her heart. The young woman also does enjoy a snack of crackers and cheese, the stronger the brand the better the taste she says. [Drink] though is something that is generally needed, but despite its need there are some nice tasting drinks out there. The young woman has found herself partial to the fruit tasting drinks and smoothie type drinks. Though with all that aside, the unexpected now comes into play when Marit’s favorite is asked, many would have expected the answer to be blue but they would be wrong. She finds herself attracted to the pearl colors. [Activities] though keep you young and strong, and what better why to understand the core of the princess than to know her favorite activities. The young princess finds herself someone who does not entirely enjoy indoor sports, she is someone who really is deeply involved in her work so most activities that don‘t involve her work doesn‘t interest her, but outside the more physical activities the young princess enjoys looking through her photo albums.

Dislikes: [Food] can come with pros and cons; though she has some hearty likes but with those there comes some dislikes. Ever since she was a young girl she has found herself under the intense dislike of sea food, though many may state that it was because of a bad experience when she was younger, press state it is because she is a sea life advocate. Another one of her dislikes is liquorices; the black candy has a sickly taste that she does not like. [Drink] is something which can be brought into a simple word, she dislikes alcohol, give her a glass and she could tell you in point blank of a second if its alcohol, she has that of a dislike for it that she knows the smell of it. The [Colors] pink and yellow would make the young princess cringe, the idea of having them within her room or even having them in her closet does not seem that much of an enjoyable thought. Out of all the [Activities] that she has tried, Marit does not like history or art, when she was younger she thought she was one of the best drawers of her family…until her classmate told her that her picture of a girl looked like a pig. Heart broken she has now come to hate Art and History, well she struggles at it.

Strongest Subject: The Performing Arts are Marit’s strongest subject.
Weakest Subject: Marit always had problem with History, she hated the subject with a passion but now it seems History is what she needs to understand her destiny.
Strong Points: Though Marit always attempts to please and says yes to things she really wants to say no to, she can be pretty frank and to the point. So honesty is her strongest point, unless it causes conflict for her.
Has Trouble With: Glossing over problems or avoiding difficult situations, so instead of saying now and causing problems she always attempts to please everyone around her.
Dream: Marit dreams to be reunited with Lene Eir, to get her forgiveness and to tell her the truth behind why she had to brake up their relationship.

Personality: The personality of Her Imperial Highness Princess Marit is one with a strong sense of right and wrong, someone who despises discord and confrontation. She is a tactful person who approaches life with a bit of sugar-coating to make her ride less bumpy for herself and for those around her. This would make the ideal symbol for her to be the scales, Marit innately and often unconsciously strives for balance and serenity in her life, sometimes going to extremes to maintain the peace despite the ups and downs inherent in everyday living. She is generally well-liked in her social circles and functions best in situations in which she is surrounded by admiring friends and family. She is the best for being able to see both sides of an issue, but in her need to please everyone all the time, she may often be perceived as uncommitted or indecisive, maybe even someone who forgets her own happiness to please those she cares for the most. In her quest to be all things to all people, she is the peacekeeper, and when trouble arises, you can count on Marit to help smooth ruffled feathers.

In the workplace this aspiring actress will be the one who strives for the best performance she can do, even going a few hundred takes to get it. She is a good worker with a lot of contracts; she is good at bringing people together for the common good. Co-workers will find Marit charming and diplomatic, and will often seek her out with personal or professional problems due to her ability to see both sides of the issue. Marit may not be the fastest worker to commit to a project due to her tendency to examine all aspects first, but once the project is finished the product will generally be near perfect, with all the bases covered. Marit will not tolerate disharmony in the workplace for long, and if problems can't be resolved, she will quickly move on to a more peaceful atmosphere. Due to her inherent need for balance and justice, Marit can generally be trusted to deal with issues in the workplace fairly and honestly.

When it comes to romantic partners, you’ll find Marit is a rather a classy, intelligent, caring, and sensual partner indeed. She would be a mate who is loyal and fair, and will be an empathetic listener who will ignore shortcomings for the sake of harmony in the relationship. Of course she will often forget her sexual preferences or even her heart for her family. This was proven when her parents insisted she dumped her true love, Lene, to date the Prince of Norway to erase any sign that she was homosexual (which she is). In any relationship though which does not directly effect her family Marit is a loyal friend who is interested in her friend’s issues and who will bend over backwards to treat them fairly. However, watch out for little white lies that are designed to sugar coat the rough edges of reality. Marit will be kind and compassionate, and will welcome you into her circle of friends readily. Though many may detect some indecisiveness, but a little prodding will usually propel Marit to take a stand on one side or the other - at least for the moment. In general, friendship with a she will be an easy-going, long-lasting, satisfying experience.

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About the Senshi

Sailor Name: Sailor Silver
Realm of Influence: Silver’s powers revolve around the ideas of Justice and Purity, yet she is also heavily influenced by the moon. Silver is also heavily influenced by flexibility, creativity, and emotionally intelligence.

Transformation Phrase: Silver Star Power! Make-Up!
Transformation Item: Marit’s transformation item is an item which was given to her by the loving heart of Lene on her 21st birthday, the present itself wasn’t activated until a year later after the two had broken up when Marit was swimming of the African coast while shooting a film. The item is a pure silver bracelet which Marit never takes off, the bracelet itself has her senshi symbol engraved into the beads of silver metal.
Transformation Sequence: “Silver Star Power,” Marit called out as her hands brushed long her brow. “Make-up!” Her arm slowly did a full circle, her finger tips reaching for the sky above her as a blissful silver blue background, like water, surrounds her. The silver bracelet gently shines out; a beckon to the female Marit believes is Lene. The brown haired woman reaches out and grips a hold of Marit’s hand, pulling herself in close to share a heartfelt kiss. A crimson hued ribbon fluttered around them, their clothes suddenly disappear in a flash of light. The young woman allows her hands to run along Marit’s body, her finger tips gracing her skin as she moved behind her. Marit’s back arched as her ‘lover’s’ hands reach around, covering her chest. As her hand slowly pulled away the black fabric of her fuku appears, fingers slowly trailing to the areas requiring more detail. Marit steps forwards, her feet seem to almost slip into her shoes as her fishnet stockings appear. Marit turns gracefully before she reaches out her hands to her lover, the gently kiss on each hand summons forward her gloves before the one she believes is Lene disappears whispering; “I believe in you.” Marit turns, her attire of Sailor Silver complete as she stands strong and poses. “Senshi of Silver, gracefully waiting!”

Symbol: coming soon
Colors: White, Silver and Black.
Weapons: The Bow of Artemis was the weapon gifted to the Senshi of Silver during her previous life, the bow itself was hand crafted out of the strongest metal of the Moon and the quivers themselves were said to be made from Artemis’s body itself.
Items: Another item Marit has is her communicator, though she hadn’t had any need for it. The communicator resembles a normal cell phone but it made of pure silver, the communicator itself won’t work for anyone but Marit and if stolen it will teleport itself back to Marit. On the back of the communicator it has a name engraved into it, a name that Marit does not understand but will find out at a later date is her own.

First Attack Name: coming soon (Offensive)
First Attack Apperance: coming soon
First Attack Effect/Damage: coming soon
First Attack Accuracy: coming soon

Second Attack Name: coming soon (Offensive)
Second Attack Apperance: coming soon
Second Attack Effect/Damage: coming soon
Second Attack Accuracy: coming soon

Third Attack Name: coming soon (Offensive)
Third Attack Apperance: coming soon
Third Attack Effect/Damage: coming soon
Third Attack Accuracy: coming soon

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