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some plants Report | 05/23/2012 3:03 pm
some plants
um okay.....uh, you can go help other people, i'm not really interested, thank you....
some plants Report | 05/22/2012 9:36 pm
some plants
Okaaaay but why would you want to help me? I don't know you and you don't know me. And believe me, people aren't that nice nowadays . n.
some plants Report | 05/22/2012 5:53 pm
some plants
i'm 97% certain that you're going to assume that this account and my other account have the same password. using the URL you posted, you would hack into my side account then proceed to hack into my main account because of this password issue.

yeaaaah, no thanks.
some plants Report | 05/22/2012 5:16 pm
some plants
oh? and what happens if you're lying to me?
it's illogical to trust a complete stranger off the internet.
some plants Report | 05/22/2012 5:08 pm
some plants
um yeah, no thanks....
some plants Report | 05/22/2012 5:06 pm
some plants
who are you?
i'm not clicking the link..
Flawless Grand Report | 03/14/2011 7:03 pm
Flawless Grand
oh umm didnt he have a backup account confused
Flawless Grand Report | 03/13/2011 7:39 pm
Flawless Grand
heyyy~ do you remember me? we met in 2008 or 2009 i was with blood killer --i got hacked and i was a close friends of his-- my old account grandcoolguy 5---when blood killer goes online tell me---
Rigged Memories Lost xTGM Report | 03/13/2011 2:53 pm
Rigged Memories Lost xTGM
Haxorus_X Report | 03/08/2011 8:43 pm
hey poweeezy to update you on your gold right now i got 33 mil so i have made 18 mil i sold all those clouds and lustys and i bought some golden luarels and i traded it for a horns of the demon and made 1.5 mil off of it

my real bday may 28 !