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Random stuff about me...

My name's Beth or Bethany and I love art and writing- Yeah I know they're dead end jobs and I'll never get very far with them because every kid wants to write a book or draw pictures for a living, but I really do love it! I haven't been on in almost three years but I'm back on now! I probably won't get on very often but whatever.
My age is a secret; so anywhere between 10-20 smile I act older than I am most of the time and sometimes I act much younger than I am. You don't need to know how old I am though :]
My location is a secret plus it doesn't matter- were on a COMPUTER you dont need to know where I live and I have no desire to meet you anyways razz
Cybering and "touching" over the computer doesn't turn me ON its pisses me OFF.
I'm usually happy, but people forget that I dont only have one emotion! I can be sad, or mad, or angry and all that too.
I just choose to be happy, kay?
hmmmm.....anything else? well if you want to know something just ASK!

52 things bethany is not allowed to do.

1. Play wif barbies
2. Eat mentos and drink pepsi
3.make her hair blonde
4.sit in the mall licking a big lolly pop, wearing a lil pink dress, and hit on guys.
5.shave her eyebrows
6.ride a pony and squish it with her fat.
7.let dogs rape her.
8.wear thongs with guns on them.
9.poor chocolate syrup on here.
10.flirt with cows.
11.rob a bank wearing a bikini.
12.dress like a man.
13.become a man.
14.go skinny dipping in the winter.
16.get abs.
17.hurt her kitty with her man powers.
18.make fun of fat people in public.
19.tell someone “that food you have on your plate, it’s evil!”
20.watch spongebob naked.
21.lick an electrical wire.
22.go to a petstore and throw marshmellows (or any food) at the animals.
23.wear red lipstick… all over her face.
24. pierce her tounge witha tack
25.hurt george bushes feelings
26.tell lulu she doesn’t exist.
27.find all the actors from twilights houses and tell them their waffles are on fire.
28.shoot someone in the movie theater because they’re being noisy.
29.sleep in her basement with charlie.
30.put ketchup on marshmellows.
31.kill anything that is alive.
32.become satin.
33.hide in a box…. A very small box.
34.marry hitler.
35. use deoderant as hair gel.
36.go to tacobell and drink the toilet water.
37.gain 200 pounds and ride a mechanical horse.
38.kiss a air conditioner.
39.drink shampoo.
40.pretend she’s a car.
41.eat pumpkin oatmeal.
42.draw boobies on her a**.
43.steal someones fatass love.
44.poke someone's butt without permission.
45.tell a midget he’s short.. then sit on him.
46.touch an old person.
47.wear cheese burgers.
48.grow a mustache and name it carl.
49.swim in a sewage pond.
50.lock herself in a locker.
51.spend the night at micheal jacksons house.
52.eat pie sented candles.

Ask me about my writing or art and I'll give you a link so you can view them at your leisure :]



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milk n kukki
milk n kukki Report | 03/27/2011 6:05 pm
milk n kukki
Yeah i believe my name was reapershaodw at the time i'm not sure
milk n kukki Report | 03/27/2011 5:59 pm
milk n kukki
I was with the 3 of you
aka you, rainbow, and bubblez
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milk n kukki
Do you still remember me?
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milk n kukki
It's been awhile
Confused_Joey Report | 01/13/2011 6:40 pm
Oh? You excited or hating it?
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oh yes. what's up?
Confused_Joey Report | 01/05/2011 2:44 pm
I remember the name and avi, but what RP are you referring to?
InsomniacNightlight Report | 12/28/2010 10:30 pm
I'm awesome, but sorta tired (I should go to bed). (:

my bfflale's(best friend for life and like ever's)