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Call me as you'd like : Kiyo chan, Kiyo, fragile flower,or just flower will do.

Known as: Kiyo Chan.

What she does not remove but changes; the necklace around her neck. The story behind it... a secret.

Personality: Very cunning for a young 15 year old, has the innocence of an angel but the heart of a devil.

What she enjoys: Toying with other peoples minds, Usually going off as innocent before harming, will only be kind and loving if known.

Her thoughts; Kiyo's thoughts are as complicated to read and understand as Shakespeare himself.

Languages spoken: English, learning French & German, and speaks some Russian.

Appearance: Very gentle and is usually taken of guard by outstanding people.

What she despises: People who simply think its easy to be young, the immature stupidity of people & the fakeness in their friendship.

What she adores: True friendship, happiness, Vulgar people, and reading.
(currently reading a manga)