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Oh mai~

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This makes me happy in pants.


Who is this sick pervert?

For the record it's Popping not pooping.
"He who makes a beast out of himself gets rid of the pain of being a man"
Anyways All there is to me is that
I'm Dante. Age is for later. Im just a regular guy.
Addition to that I'm a pervert so beware.
I have horrible rage don't f*ck with me.
I'm Bisexual, No confusion added in.
Im an xbox 360 gamer wanting also a ps3.
Glomps: total:I've reached my goal 10000/10000 Naked glomps: 52/150
Relationship - In love. Or just in ecstasy.

The Juke box

Popping Pleasure
Colour Me Horny
Kristean Winters

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