Uhh... I guess this could say stuff about me:

You Should Be a Film Writer

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You don't just create compelling stories, you see them as clearly as a movie in your mind.
You have a knack for details and dialogue. You can really make a character come to life.
Chances are, you enjoy creating all types of stories. The joy is in the storytelling.
And nothing would please you more than millions of people seeing your story on the big screen!

What Type of Writer Should You Be?


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I luff fire!!!

The Keys to Your Heart

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You are attracted to those who have a split personality - cold as ice on the outside but hot as fire in the heart.

In love, you feel the most alive when your lover is creative and never lets you feel bored.

You'd like to your lover to think you are loyal and faithful... that you'll never change.

You would be forced to break up with someone who was emotional, moody, and difficult to please.

Your ideal relationship is lasting. You want a relationship that looks to the future... one you can grow with.

Your risk of cheating is zero. You care about society and morality. You would never break a commitment.

You think of marriage as something precious. You'll treasure marriage and treat it as sacred.

In this moment, you think of love as something you thirst for. You'll do anything for love, but you won't fall for it easily.

What Are The Keys To Your Heart?

How You Are In Love

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You take a while to fall in love with someone. Trust takes time.

You give and take equally in relationships.

You need your space and privacy. You don't like to be smothered.

You love your partner unconditionally and don't try to make them change.

You stay in love for a long time, even if you aren't loved back. When you fall, you fall hard.

How Are You In Love?


You Are 60% Evil

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You are evil, but you haven't yet mastered the dark side.
Fear not though - you are on your way to world domination.

How Evil Are You?


Your Scholastic Strength Is Developing Ideas

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You can take a spark of inspiration and turn it into a full fledged concept.
You are talented at brainstorming, visualizing, organizing, and independent thinking.

You should major in:

Natural sciences
Computer science
Creative writing

What Should You Major In?


Your Hair Should Be Purple

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Intense, thoughtful, and unconventional.
You're always philosophizing and inspiring others with your insights.

What's Your Funky Inner Hair Color?


Your Bumper Sticker Should Be

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Even if the voices aren't real - they've got some great ideas

What Bumper Sticker Should Be On Your Car?


You Are An ENFP

The Inspirer

You love being around people, and you are deeply committed to your friends.
You are also unconventional, irreverant, and unimpressed by authority and rules.
Incredibly perceptive, you can usually sense if someone has hidden motives.
You use lots of colorful language and expressions. You're qutie the storyteller!

You would make an excellent entrepreneur, politician, or journalist.

What's Your Personality Type?


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My Dream Avi expenses: about 196K!!! -whee!- I forgot that I had the bulk of the 500k already and I don't need the extra katana's in the back...



Thoughts of a teenage Sith Lord




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Nia Phoenix

Report | 06/22/2012 3:29 pm

Nia Phoenix

Hey Star Wars fan! I belong to a Star Wars Guild that's just getting started. Interested? Check my profile, click on my awesome Je'daii signature and check us out!

Report | 03/02/2008 11:46 am


hey i noticed that you're a moderator on the animal rights guild, is anyone running it? i noticed that the owner hadent logged in, in quite sometime. I wanted to start my own guild...but im poor.

Report | 12/13/2007 9:01 am


Wow, some rich people like to comment on your page. xD

Report | 09/03/2007 3:44 pm


Hey Ayo :3. Remember me? If not I'll give you a hint...Rave bar xP.
The Guybrush Threepwood

Report | 05/18/2007 7:56 pm

The Guybrush Threepwood

Guess what certain red item I have that you want...

Report | 04/25/2007 9:39 pm


Nah. Cartel is not worth that much. >.<

Report | 04/23/2007 7:54 pm


Pikachu! I choose you! xD
oh my french bread

Report | 04/20/2007 9:41 pm

oh my french bread

User Image
random comment


Report | 04/11/2007 4:37 pm


djhkjl... what?


I am not a thief! I just got it first is all... ^^
oh my french bread

Report | 04/06/2007 7:27 pm

oh my french bread



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