About Haley [ The coolest Person On Earth] =]

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My Name Is Haley. I Live In California. I'm Done Settling For Less Than I Deserve. I Aspire To Inspire. I Take Life A Little Bit Too Serious Although I Am A Pretty Laid Back Person. I Am Addicted To Music. I Try To Get Along With People But It Doesnt Really Work. I Like -Doing Stuff Outside -Having Fun - Helping People Out -Living life everyday. I Am Very Adventurous. I Have Some Anger Problems; But I'm Working On It. I Get Lazy When It Comes To Texting. I Am Sorta The Jealous Type.I Am Currently Single.. But Waiting For Buzz Lightyear To Become A Real Man ;] I Am Easily Amused. Most Of The s**t I Say; I Mean. I Dig The Rain. I Am Usually Always Busy. Be Real With Me And I Will Be Real With You. Keep Your Drama And Bullshit To Yourself Or Give It To Someone Else Because I Don't Want It. I Am NOT A Morning Person; AT ALL. I Want To Travel When I Actually Get Some $$. Hopefully Out Of The US ( Denmark, Greece, London, etc.) I Get Hurt Easily But I Try Not To Show It. I Am Terrified Of Spiders; Other Than That I Love Animals. I Like To Take Night Walks, Especially On The Beach. I Am Young But Im In College, Meaning My Life Is Just Starting, And Im Excited To See Where Life Will Take Me! Let Me Do My Thing And Don't Bullshit Me.
-Haley ♥