About Me Pookeybear13

Hi Welcome to My Profile xd
Let's See My Nickname I had since for ever is Pookie whee
I'm Half Vietnamese And Polish biggrin
I'm here just for friends, friendship is what I really care I don't care what you think about me. smile
I Don't Judge anyone unless I get to Know you better smile
I can be a sweetest person on Earth and a totall meanie butt the next xp
I can be A girly girl though I prefer Video games over shopping mostly 4laugh
My Friends and Family mean the whole world to me heart heart heart
I'm crazy about Anime and Manga some Korea Dramas as well smile
I'm Extremely Short Like 4'7 sweatdrop
I'm Very childish,Loud,Easygoing,Always a happy person smile
I Don't like Drama/Bugs/Peo who r total jerks/Liars Etc..
I lOVE txting,Webcaming,Shopping,Singin even if I can't/Being Crazy/Percings/Dye wink heart
Thanks For Reading my Stuff smile