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I am seveteen and a half, a Freshman in college, and a girl. Yes, I have a boy avatar, but I think they look better. Besides, my mom says my gender was messed up when I was conceived.

My favorite animals are snakes, dragons, serpents, unicorns, cats, and wolves. My favorite activities are: reading yaoi on the internet, writing stories or random things, writing poems when I'm in an odd mood, watching T.V. when we have sattelite, playing video games.

Things I hate: people with preppy attitudes who are total bitches, people who don't care if they push people out of their way for something, people who don't treasure their boy/girlfriends or are completely slutty, and people who piss me off.

I am completely and utterly in love with many different kinds of anime. At the moment it would have to be Durarara, Soul Eater, Bleach, and a bit of Pokemon. Then again, I've always been a Pokemon fan ever since RBY days.

That's me in a very small nutshell, I really have no life besides Pokemon spriting, fanfics, games, and IMing my friends. And the people in my head, they are my constant companions. Beware, they know the best ways of torture and are prepared to use it.



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If all is fair in love and war, then why is fraternizing with the enemy wrong?

Why do teenagers suicide? Because they have nothing to live for, and their life is a complete hell and no one seems to care about them. Be careful what you say to someone, because you could be the one who pushes them over the edge.

I think the world needs to see that war is completely pointless. Sure, we get peace out of it, but we're just going to end up back in another war for some stupid reason. It's all just a never ending cycle.

Love is a complete gamble, and I hate to lose everything.