Stuff about little olde me~

"We can learn a lot from crayons. Some are stubby, some are pointy. Some are nice and straight with their wrappers and others are little crumbly pieces. Some have weird names. But they all learned to live together in the same teeny box."

I'm Pollack! You can call me Polly. I'm a avid roleplayer who can be found in the breedable shops Shadows of Africa and Soquili. I also am a huge fan of video games. You can find me playing on Balmung in FFXIV, Moonguard in WoW, Hearthstone under the battlenet Pollack.

Little about me? Well first off I am slowly trying to turn everything in my life purple. People know me at my work as the crazy owl lady since most of the time I have my desk flooded with owl themed things. I am a horror fan who gets easily spooked in the dark. I adore cute things as well! Mix the two and you have earned my heart. Sorry to say my soul has already been sold off about 50 billion times. You might be able to bribe me for a piece of my soul with really cute butts though.

Live long and may the floof be with you!