I am back!!!!!

Im sorry i left this page!
please contact my bestttt friend
Touching-you-is-MURDER to tell me messages, OR to check up on me!


Blog: 1 On my way
Message from Candice:
Hello fellow gaians.
unfortunately under unusual circumstances, i have moved to china, to join the crossed eyed dragon mafia of china. and the skinned heads in Germany aren't allowed on the internet. I might blow their cover. I sent a letter to my faithful servant in AFRICAN CODE to tell you all 'mamba black beauty" which means sexy lama in africaneese. its African and Chinese. IM AMAZING! right now i am stuck in a bottom of an Italian restaurant, were they plan there attack on America better then word war I & II! i met up with achmed yesterday, & i gave him a peace offering, of just for men, touch of gray and axe hair gel. He then reminded me, he had no hair, so i had to go to, lama rama superstore and get him hair plugs. which were implanted by the local lama doctor. he also wanted to be a suicide bomber. but i said i didn't want to go to heaven and have to teach 32 virgins how to have sexy time. so, my fellow gains, i tell you now. My schedule, is very busy, as you can plainly see. Its busy, so i have to spend my life on stamps sending sophish ( Touching-you-is-MURDER) my journeys, and how much i miss you guys! live long, and prosper my gaians. I would like to make a very formal farewell to my best friends on gaia, who are, Serginio & shouyrou5 & spin_aqua & Touching-you-is-MURDER. These people will always be my friends.