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twatism on 04/22/2018


My finally not a teenager anymore.
If you see me in town sometimes I'm afk but most of the time I have towns open and I'm doing something on my other monitor but I will be able to get back to you. I do like friend request, and random ones too. Stop by and say hey to me I enjoy talking. I also will answer any questions you have for me if I am able to. I don't bite, unless I need to. Thanks for stopping by.



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Mocha Gal Report | 03/04/2018 5:05 pm
Mocha Gal
Nice Aurelion Sol profile aha 4laugh
Moody Momo Report | 06/22/2016 12:18 am
Moody Momo
Oh well that is understandable haha
Moody Momo Report | 06/22/2016 12:11 am
Moody Momo
Why would other people playing Undertale stop you from it?
Not to avoid spoilers is it?
Moody Momo Report | 06/21/2016 9:59 pm
Moody Momo
Haha you will enjoy it a lot when you do get it.
Moody Momo Report | 06/21/2016 2:35 pm
Moody Momo
Oh thanks for liking my creepy profile. It's much appreciated~ heart
Moody Momo Report | 06/21/2016 1:44 am
Moody Momo
Hey there Catalyst.
How are you doing?
Sunny Poptarts Report | 06/17/2016 11:05 pm
Sunny Poptarts
Stalked o wo
I love thongss Report | 06/05/2016 11:12 pm
I love thongss
Hey Whats up
Moody Momo Report | 03/27/2016 9:21 pm
Moody Momo
Thank you~ heart
Scotty235 Report | 03/08/2016 1:14 pm