well, i am, hm, i geuss i'm, no thats not right...
huh, well, i geuss there is only one way to describe me,
i dont really fit in with any group, i'm not a loner, i have freinds, but then i'm not a group person, i like to be alone sometimes,
i geuss i'm just the mix, the actual gemini, if there were ever a femal two-face, it'd be me.
except, well, i would be so much cuter than the actual two-face!!

(now time to do the little brag thing)
I'm 17 (As of may 24th)
I'm a Junior in highschool, barely passing chemistry and excelling in everything else, i take AND PASS college classes with ease. I'm in an Licensed Practical Nursing progam, when i graduated i will be able to work as a nurse (so long as i pass the exam)
When i grow up i want to be a criminal psychologist and i long desperately to go to New York University, but thanks to this DAMN chemistry class, that may not happen...
I've been a comic book nerd since before i could read at an 'acceptable' level (god bless the fantastic four and X-men in the mornings), my obsessions include Wolverine, Joker, Two-face, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, Riddler, and Scarecrow.
I play hockey, and know all there is to know about skates, and sports involving skates. Mainly becuase rinks are in my blood.
I love my freinds, and kill my enemies.
I'm persistant in all that i do (kind of), and i have a few weird ticks... but who doesen't.
I love myself and you can go to hell if you think there's anything wrong with me!!!!

... Is that it...?

OH!!! I almost forgot!!!
Hail to the sheep!
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My awesome Zodiac animal!!!


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Poisin.Ivy.Aphrodite's Journal

sup! ok my journal wil be a bit of an rp between people i want to be there, close freinds, boyfreinds, etc... it will also be like my personal journal, with a few insights about wat i see going on, as well as criticisms towards others, no names plea



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i can see u have a team like in bat man

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Thats one of my absolute favorite music videos, Red! : D

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I am not from Florida.
DC The Riddler

Report | 07/05/2008 8:30 pm

DC The Riddler

Beautiful media, but I guess that comes with the package. Isn't that right, Beautiful?
inmate 0801

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inmate 0801

hello nurse!!!!!Hahahahaha
Dr VictorFries

Report | 06/08/2008 6:21 pm

Dr VictorFries

did you poke him? -_- lol and i forgot about the scanner thing! aw...
Dr VictorFries

Report | 06/08/2008 4:03 pm

Dr VictorFries

*watches bear growl* ok you could say hes a baby bear... oh did ya finish that drawing? and is that mad hatter..?
ll Account not in use ll

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ll Account not in use ll

I already know about I'm a Marvel/DC. I especially love the vids of Ironman/Batman, they're hilarious. (I'm better, btw =])
ll Account not in use ll

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ll Account not in use ll

Tell me about it. Freakin' n00bs think they know me just because I'm Batman. They even try to get in the RPing act, what losers they are.
Woof the Hyena-Man

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Woof the Hyena-Man

got it now


Hey this account is back 8D