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Who is Poindextra?

She is a wandering soul, perceived by humans in the form of a tiny pixie-sprite. Giddy and rambunctious, she can often be seen with a Lurking Menthalesque Demon Boy whom she's adopted as her protector.

Originally from a very cold and spacious land, Dexie stumbled upon Gaia's territory in early 2004. Soon after discovering, she vanished, afraid of the foreign environment and overcome by shyness. However, two and a half years later she'd come back, and through a series of helpful friends had discovered the glory of Mod.

She watched herself and others grow and flourish under the watchful eyes of Mod, and as her faith grew ever stronger a devastating thing happened...

One of her incarnations had fallen victim to the terrors of hacking.

But, all was not lost. Her faith never ceased, and she sought solace in her original body that had been home to her years before. Because of her undying faith the almighty Mod had restored Dexie's lost pixels, and she then began to reinvent her home and begin her life anew.

And then, one faithful day, a Private Message from the great Admin Jak Bauer had told her that she was about to embark on the journey of a lifetime. Poindextra, a humble little quiet Gaian, was about to ascend to Modhood.

She was overjoyed. After weeks of trial and hard work, Poindextra became a Mod. To this day, she still visits the place that sparked her faith, and honours its prevalence in her life by maintaining the sacred traditions she once took part in as a regular user.

If you do not see her bouncing about in threads, she is most likely sleeping, or working behind the scenes in the Exchange, Lifestyle Discussion, Welcome to Gaia, General Discussion, Charity/Quests or Test fora.

By grace of Mod, I surf this site,
Admin's blessing is my light.
Bless the posts I enter here;
The Terms of Service, do I adhere.
Guide my pixels through game or thread
Until I rest my tired head
From Dawn to Dusk, in Mod we trust,
Captcha, Submit.


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My ideas, daydreams, and brainspawn.



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Report | 02/11/2015 4:00 pm



Report | 01/21/2012 3:26 pm


your avi's are always sooooooo cool xp

Report | 10/27/2011 1:55 pm


Hehehe your a little glowing sparkle ^^

Report | 08/31/2011 4:03 am


I Knoooooooow I can't wait either ^.^
Aiko Afriel

Report | 08/14/2011 2:36 pm

Aiko Afriel

*snugs* heart

Report | 08/13/2011 12:56 am


My darling friend -give you a big hug-
How are you?
I've been missing you (no change there)

Report | 07/31/2011 8:53 am


Awwwww =( that's a shame, but at least we have other ways to contact each other like Gaia =)

Report | 07/28/2011 1:18 am


Awww hun -hugs tightly- crying
I miss you as well

Report | 07/27/2011 10:05 pm


Glad to hear that visitations are not out of picture!

Working, mostly. Settling into my new place. Enjoying the nice(r) weather. Busy busy!

Report | 07/27/2011 9:26 pm


Sorry to hear your trip didn't end the way you planned. It's hard being far away, even when where you are is amazing and awesome.


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