Music.Playing Bass. Boys. Hugs. Kisses. Romance. Literature. Writing. Listening to music. Tektek'n. Questing. Breaking Benjamin. The Offspring. The Redjumpsuit Apparatus. Sum 41. Three Days Grace. Evanescence. Roleplaying. Baseball players. Hot boys. Centered Text.

Incoherant babbling fools. Liars. Cheaters. Fools. marching Band. Asses. Txt talk. Poor Grammar. Random Friend Requests. Beggars.

Nordic Skier.Cross Country Runner. Bassist. Band. Literate. 15. Born on April 9th. A girl. Oldest of five. Lefty. And Righty. I Cook. Track Runner. Writer. Relatively Intelligent. Aspriring Surgeon. HMU Graduate want-to-be. Sophmore. Gum Chewer. In-shape. Aggressive. Serious Issues.