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Gender: Male

Location: In my own little world, but at least they know me here.


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I'm Poco Loco Crow, if you hadn't already figured that out. Most people shorten it down to "Crow", I guess because calling someone "Poco" just doesn't seem as cool.

I should really say something else here, but the side bar to the right really covers everything I felt like saying.


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Thoughts of a Mad Man

These are some random thoughts that I've decided to write.


Unable to identify Vimeo video URL.

Meh, here's a song I've been listening to a lot lately


Some Bullet Points

I’m called Poco Loco

I’m told that means “he whose name you’re not even worthy enough to think about”

On most other sites I'm "Mystic Fool"

For some reason that name is taken here, but I might try to find a similar name at some point

I will devour your soul if you even look like you’re going to talk to me

Sometimes I get a little bit sarcastic.

I will not accept friend requests if I don't know you pretty well

I simply think that you should be a friend if you're on my friends list. Nothing against those who I've turned down, I just don't know you well enough.

I like to read

Mostly I read fantasy and science fiction.

I like to play videogames

I bet that surprised absolutely nobody.

I like to roleplay

If I was any good at it then I’d be all set.

I sometimes try to write

It’s a lot harder to write a book than to read a book for some reason . . .

I like music

My tastes are varied and ever-changing

I Fence

This will surprise no one who I roleplay with . . .

I love to talk about myself

Have you noticed?


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We’ve inflicted harm upon the enemy.
Rules of war state we may now cowardly
run away and still maintain honor.

Just remember, Citizen, Happiness Is Mandatory!
Insufficient happiness will be punished by termination!

No, no! It’s all going to be all right!
We’re just going to kill you, and then you’ll be fine!

Of course I can stand.
I’m just . . . resting. In the rain.

God, how many times are you going to complain about a minor little time like being shot in the head?

“Minimum collateral damage” and “entire star system” do not belong in the same sentence

What do you know of my people?
That they have bad breath, sir, if you are any indication

Dresden. It's nice to see you alive. Your sense of humor, of course, remains unchanged, which is unsurprising, as it seems to have died in your adolescence. Presumably, it entered into a suicide pact with your manners.

We’re naming this one zombie two, after the late zombie two. May he live longer and prosper longer, or at least not self destruct like the last one.

Some have said there’s no subtlety to destruction. You know what? They’re dead.

Ah what a beautiful sunrise! . . . oh wait . . .
that’s a sunset . . .

Why is it that reality constantly ignores my imagination?
It can’t possibly like itself the way it is.