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mommavie Report | 08/02/2010 7:53 am
Lodemai Report | 11/06/2009 11:15 pm
You're welcome! ^_^
dark priestess kikyou Report | 11/02/2009 11:59 am
dark priestess kikyou
your welcome. i was glad to help.
Kitten Cabada Report | 11/02/2009 11:17 am
Kitten Cabada
You're welcome!
AaeruKanojo Report | 11/02/2009 8:39 am
you're welcome!
Kadaku Report | 11/01/2009 6:13 pm
Cause all my stats are filled and I've done all the acheivements and followed nearly 1000 people...
I also made 150,000 gold selling halloween stuff cause I had my browswer refresh the shop tab every 60 seconds had a few sets which I sold for the minimal prices.

So after a day of this I grew tired plus I have a mid term tomarrow and I should be studing now but my b***h of a sister with her music has an amplifier shaking the rafters while my folks are out. I called but theres no saving anything... Its funny how a very low throbing base syncs up with the nerves in my forehead throbing with heartbeat... last solution is flipping all the breakers and doing my homework by candle light. But she can acess the breakers too so theres simply no winning.
Kadaku Report | 11/01/2009 6:03 pm
Only if you want... I stoped. If you sacrifice your self then the numbers go down or ulitmate sacrifice goes down to zero. 0's but say if you wanted all the acheivements for all the items theres the acheivement list say like some people max out their stats before they get their missions all filled.

The sacrifice might make the multiplier for the gun to go up. And there is missions you can do for just prize gold. Adding people for their follow points is a very noble contribution to winning the war. Though If you've read like the beggining their was a lack of balancing between the armies and so forth and somewhere the Boo had like 2000 points over. So hard to say.
Kadaku Report | 11/01/2009 5:31 pm
Kay leeme tink. Well first you unlock acheivements:
Complete Training: Sour patch angel-demon kids ~ Just given
Crafty: Get your first worm ~ Sin medallion
Missionary: completer 50 missions ~ Sin robes
One of us: Get 10 followers ~ 100 Gold
Operative: 500 missions ~ Sin Sceptre which is a morning star mace
Cult of personality~~ 50 followers ~ Purple aura
Saboutear~ 1000 gold
Jack of trades ~ 10,000 gold

Winning the war you keep the skins the game starts with The losers give them back

The game works with an estranged way of math. The more people you follow the more we win ifs the number of follows devided by the # of players
The skill points for sabutour(your exp) add to the scores then the toatal exp points devided into player total

There is also the number of fires... Not too sure how they get the numbers for this. Theres a thing called the ultimate sacrifice where you loose all your skill points and mission status and it's supose to power the big gun. You still keep your followers from what I hear and they give you I think 100 or 1000 gold... the game works best if you follow everyone... And I've followed maybe 1000 already before getting too tired. I also maxed out my EXp but I'm not sacrificing my self cause the points commend the stats...

That's about all I know. And if we keep the way we have been with a 3 point lead we'll just keep our awesome orage glowing demon forms.
Kadaku Report | 11/01/2009 3:30 pm
You're very welcome for the follow ^^ Hail Sin!
Daltar Report | 11/01/2009 5:24 am
You're my enemy. xP

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