omg theres so much..
hmmm okay for starters i might start with i live on an island in the middle of the ocean in a peaceful place called hawaii!!!!
im extremely romantic....eeee
and im working on not causing drama..
id say im a hard rock girlie..
im in a canadian band when im here in the queen chars..
we do covers for three days grace were called
the turning out and soon well be on limewire and youtubeHAWAIIS1NOVIA thats y name on there aug 25!!! yea we have two drummers one bass three guitarists three backup vocals and YES WE ROCK!!
my band members are mike,brian,ruel,me of course,and best of all MY SALLY ANNE ...LOVE YOU SOOOO MUCH...miss youthanks for teaching me how to skateboard up in canada i went skateboardiong everyday and its awesome.....

and the rest are not permanent just sometimes thing.
I have facebook..but i only give it to certain people who knows you might be...and ilike and bebo...and a miley account..heheheh
have you watched the tryout videos hilar...jkjkjk

totally forgot about spike my chiwawa she is soo wonderful...
my heart leaps for her and my kitten toby..shes a zorro emo doll..

okay spanish is tha most important thing in my life rite now
i am learning to speak spanish and learning the culture is
important for me....and my friends have been a big help in that

HMM..Im really into sakura and one manga. com
but shh thats a secret....i travel alot and its hard on my close
friends and that makes me sad... sad

i loke dirtbiking more than pretty much anything and im
hoepfully getting a bike this summer
a honda 100 maybe...

im really into dangerous outings and love trying new things...
i used to be scared of everything now i just wanna have fun
while im a teen...4 once

my bestfriends are nikita keisha mel irie tony dorien and sally anne mwah ...
i got alot of friends but these r the ones i care about the most

....peace love and originality....


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