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hey well yah this is my pg well wat can i say about myself ǝıɹɐɯ well yah that is my name i ǝʌol music ♬ ♪ ♩ ♫ ♪ that is my life i liens to it 24/7 ❤ and other then that i lyk to ◕‿◕ smile im always a happy person ☺ well that is all i can say about me and yah (: thx for reading ღ

awsome place here pplz be jelouz

kk this is my profile and im just sayin that i might be tha beast gurl u'll evar meet cuz ******** yeah im the bomb that goes tick tick haha but yup

Girl; I love you.Boy; I love you too baby.Girl; Prove it. Scream it to the world.Boy; *whispers in her ear* I love you.Girl; Why'd you say it to me?Boy; Because, you're my world(:

Can I copy your homework?Yr 7: NO! Do you know how LONG I spent doing that???Yr 8: Sure, but only the first question.Yr 9: *throws book at them* Yeah, take it.Yr 10: What homework?????

Top six things girls want boys to do for us1)hug us from behind.2)call us beautiful not sexy. 3)show us off to your friends.4)make us Feel like were all that maters5)brag about us to your friends.6)Tell us you love us infront of your friends

*almost asleep**phone vibrates*ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME RIGHT NOW!? I MEAN SERIOUS--Oh. It's you. ♥always happens to mee

you can miss someone who died , you can miss someone who moved away, but the worst is having to miss someone you see everyday.

A boy walks into his room and finds a note on his bed, It says: Dear teenage boy, I can make your girlfriend scream louder than you can. Signed, A spider

1st-5th grade = I can't wait till middle school :D6th-7th grade = I can't wait for 8th grade year =DDDD.8th = I can't wait for highschool9th-12th = I wanna go back to preschool.

a good friend smiles at u when you and her walk past the boy you like, but a best friend will shove you toward him and duck when yout try to slap her

5th grade- EWE! Nemo's on8th grade- OMG! Nemo's on!!!12th grade- NEMO!!! DON'T SWIM OUT TO THE BUTT!!!!!

-Friday night-Mom: "Do you have any homework?You: "No."Mom: "Are you sure?"You: "Yes! Can we leave now?"-Sunday night, Almost asleep-You: "Oh crap! I have homework!"

*watchin a horror movie* girl:im scared we should turn it offboy:come closer i wont let anything get u :)*person jumps out*boy:AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! *flips off the couch* ......

Girl:*looks at crush*Guy: *Looks back at her*Girl:*looks away*Guy: *Still looking at her*Girl: *looks at him agian*Guy: * smiles at her*Girl: * thinkin he made her day* (:

In Schoool..BoyFriennd: Yer So Weird.!Girlfriennd: If I'm So Weird Then Why Are You Dating Me.!?Boyfriennd: *Pulls Girlfriennd Closeer* Cuz I Love You Baby(:*Kisses Her*Noow THAATS A Real Maan Right There(:

boy:you wanna hear a joke?girl: okboy: women's a people laugh)girl: wanna hear a joke?boy: okgirl: your p***s size...(everyone laughs at him)

Don't you hate it when you're txting lying down on your bed and all of a sudden your phone decides to be ninja and slips through your hands and attacks your face? ♥

i can make u say blueno u cantwats the color of the sunyellow wat color is my shirtredI told u i could make you say redno you said u can make me say blue HAHA I MADE U SAY BLUE

*Random Guy Pushes/Hits Girl*Boyfriend #1 - "Bro What The Fu*k?"Boyfriend #2 - *Just Stands There*Boyfriend #3 - -Random Guy Already On The Floor-Like If You Prefer Boyfriend #3.

elementary school: yayy! i got a good job sticker on my paper!! (proud)middle school: wow.. how old do they think i am, four?high school: OMIGOD! my paper has a STICKER ON IT! does yours? haha well mine does. in YOUR FACEE!!

R.I.P. DENNY(Arturo)Fuentes-Espinoza.I MISS U SOO MUCH

You see a Kid abusing a puppy with a baseball bat. 97% would yell “STOP!!!” 2% would Cheer 1% would take the baseball bat and beat the kid upside the head with it and take the puppy to the vet. Post this on your profile if you are that 1%