"Do you like math? Add the bed, subtract the clothing, and divide the legs"
"Sex is A Sensation
Caused by temptation.
A guy sticks his location
In a girls destination
To increase the population of
The next generation.
Do you get my explanation?
Or do you need a demonstration?"


I think you're Amazing!
- Ash, Love you .

Hey this is melissa hacking my buddy i love this dude as a friend we have are ups and downs but we cool if you mess with my buddy brandon i will ******** you up this dude is a good friend he would listen to your problems and try to help you with them well idk what else to say so i guess i will go now bye

Hellow bitches<3
dis is Amber hacking my dear friend Brandon!
Ive known dis guy for not too long,but i know him enough to say that
He is nice,awesome,cool,awesome,fun to be with,awesome! What else can i say x3
I love him with all my heart! although we have our ups and downs...even though we fight alot x3
He knows I got his back! > u <
He is like a little brother to me!
So mess with him and i'll assure you! that things won't get pretty~
Anyway i guess that's it <33 bye bye ~Luv yah >u<