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User Image"Looks determine how many are after you. Charm determines how badly they want you. Cleverness determines what lengths they will go to have you. And mystery is what makes them stay." ~Dr. Harleen Quinzel
User Image"It's a basic truth of the human condition that everybody lies. The only variable is about what." - Dr. Gregory House

User Image My name is Sonja/Sonia.
User Image I am twenty-two years old young.
User Image I have reddish brown hair and hazel eyes (They change colors according to my mood). I wear glasses.
User Image I am a white girl although my heritage is european/asian.
User Image I am bisexual. I taste the colors of the rainbow. xD
User Image I live in Las Vegas, NV and yes, it really is hot here.
User Image I am not sure what to put here anymore. xD

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User Image I don't trust easily at times. It is hard to get me to open up especially over the internet.
User Image One thing that instantly pisses me off is when people stalk my posts or my profile comments and/or start PMing people I associate with. My friends are MY friends, not yours and if you go after them, I will ******** kill you.
User Image I can be very sarcastic and it's hard to tell with all this text so if I hurt your feelings, it was probably a joke.
User Image I can play several different instruments, though I am a pro at the flute. <3
User Image I have a twin brother named Lars.. and NO, not Lars from Metallica or Rancid, you ********. Lmao. It's a heritage thing.
User Image I, personally, have one cat and her name is Suki. She is my demon child. :3
User Image I love to joke around and just run rampant, but you try doing that in 120 degree heat.
User Image My favorite color is purple and my favorite food is macaroni and cheese! >3
User Image My favorite dessert ever is chocolate covered strawberries..<33333 To die for.

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User Image I am into just about everything.. Really. sweatdrop
User Image I read, write, sing, dance, draw; you name it.
User Image I am an O.G. I've been playing video games since I was two and a half.
User Image I play a lot of MMORPG. A lot. You name it, I've probably played it or am still playing it.
User Image I AM THE HORDE, b***h!
User Image I am a collector of things. I love Little Apple Dolls and books.
User Image I went to college for veterinary medicine... <3
User Image I am into anime, but please don't message me and start throwing titles at me or ask me something and go "WHY NOT!?" when I tell you I don't like it or that series sucked donkey balls. :3
User Image I play sports. Mainly tennis and softball though I have been known to play some football with the guys. >3 I've got a good throwing arm.
User Image I am a raver. P.L.U.R. I like to party.
User Image 4-chan/Reddit are my anti-drugs.
User Image BTW. The game. =]

User Image That's about it for now. I'll update later if I think of something else. User Image

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User Image Urban Dictionary Status (LMAO) User Image


Sonia is a gorgeous masterpiece created by God to bring beauty into this world and get rid of ugly people.

Gosh there's so many ugly people here, where's Sonia when you need Her.

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The girl's name Crystal c-rys-tal, cr(y)-stal is pronounced KRISS-tal. It is of Greek origin, and its meaning is "ice". 19th century coinage. A transparent quartz gemstone, usually colorless, that can be cut to reflect brilliant light. The TV series "Dynasty" made the name famous in the 1980s with a character named Krystle. Chrystal a variant spelling probably influenced by Greek "khrysos" meaning "gold". Cr- spellings are Spanish/Italian.

That Chrystal is cold as ice.


The Wandering Eyes of the Lost Traveller

Wandering Soul, Endless Dark Tunnel.

As you peer into the dust covered, bound book, you notice a perfected cursive writing in black ink, as if done by a quill. You see the words of a young woman, searching for a way out.



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Ppohsib Tamura

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Ppohsib Tamura

Yes. Purple is Best. Thanks.

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Happy New Years thar.

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[bows] Much obliged.
Caius Valerius

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Caius Valerius

Fooly Ghoulie

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Fooly Ghoulie

Haha, touche.
Fooly Ghoulie

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Fooly Ghoulie

Haha, you have a very good point there.
Fooly Ghoulie

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Fooly Ghoulie

[size=9]lol. I am not always sweet.
Fooly Ghoulie

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Fooly Ghoulie

Aha. That might be a problem.
Fooly Ghoulie

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Fooly Ghoulie

Thank you. You are sweet.

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Thanketh ye!


Valar morghulis.
All men must die, but we are not men.

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A cold heart covered in gold.