I'm a 20 years old girl who loves animals and wildlife. I enjoy taking naps, playing games, being alone. Most of the time I love real life puzzles and to observe small things like light effects and ants. I'm pretty much a quiet person, sometimes even cool so don't be sad if I say something painful (though I'm quite polite ^^; )
I'm a gaian since november 2009 thanks to Nathy Garcia who convinced me to register to play zOMG since it did seem a nice flash game. Perhaps this was just a excuse to practice new drawing techniques while earning gold? Who knows!
While I'm drawing I like to draw landscapes and anime. I have a terrible anatomy knowledge so I hate to draw real humans but I'm comfortable drawing anime (I know I suck =_=; ). Anyway, usually I use Paint Tool Sai for inking and Painter for coloring but now I started to play with this awesome program named Illust Studio. It has an amazing watercolor tool. I'm definitely addicted!
I have no idea how I should end this "about me" so thanks for spending your precious time reading this. ><;