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Hi My real name is Vanessa. My real life friends call me Nessa or Vean. Online I usually go by Pixy wings. I'm 23 years old. I have blond hair and blue eyes.

I found this site several years ago and thought it was cool. I've made many friends on here. Like Lucy, [LooserLucy] Chloe, [OMFG klowii], Cherish [XxMiizzoxX] and Cassie [glitterRetch] (Who I think I will always call glitter! LOL) Like pretty much everyone else on this site, I love Anime and Vidio games.

I love sci fi, my favorite show is Doctor Who which I am obviously completely obsessed with LOL. I love astronomy. Unless I meet some aliens and go traveling with them it's the closest I'll ever get to the beauty of the universe. I love science, reading, and writing! I do believe in aliens! To me it seems incredibly arrogant to think we're the only life in the universe.
I'm hyperactive almost all the time! I hope it's not too annoying. I'm a rather childish person, but honestly I can't see anything wrong with that as long as I'm serious when I need to be.
I've always been a bit of a tom boy. I almost never ware makeup, I love bugs, and I'm not afraid to get dirty! Most of my real life friends are guys.
Geek Pride!!! I love science, I value intelligence above all other things in life, and my favorite word in the English language is indeed. LOL
I'm bisexual! Get over it!
I'm atheist! Deal with it!
I will never ridicule someone for their beliefs, please don't ridicule me for mine!

I love Random comments and Random PMs, but don't send me a friend request without at least saying "Hi" first! It freaks me out to get requests from people I've never seen before.

An apple a day keeps the uh...No nevermind...

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Time travel's like visiting Paris! You can't just read the guide book, you've got to throw yourself in, eat the food, use the wrong verbs, get charged double, and end up kissing complete strangers! Or is that just me?


I often think Dimensional Transcendentalism is preposterous, but it worked! Would you like to look around?

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I'm The Doctor, I'm a Time Lord. I'm from the planet Galifrey in the constelation of Casterberious, I am nine hundred and three years old, and I'm the man who's gonna save your lives and all six billion people on the planet below! You got a problem with that?



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VENOMthemad Report | 10/30/2010 8:29 pm
O.O i always wanna watch doctor who when i look at your profile
- -DELiiCii0US__ RAiiNB0W Report | 04/12/2010 3:27 pm
Deffinately!!! sounds good to me smile
- -DELiiCii0US__ RAiiNB0W Report | 03/22/2010 2:51 pm
Awe hunnie!!!!! I havent had a reason to really get on here much either. I miss you
- -DELiiCii0US__ RAiiNB0W Report | 03/03/2010 6:24 pm
Awe hunnie!!!! I miss you tonssss!!!! omg been sooooo long! Ill message you and keep in touch too!!
- -DELiiCii0US__ RAiiNB0W Report | 01/19/2010 10:33 pm
iKaze Arashi Report | 01/09/2010 12:23 am
I see Doctor Who in your profile!

Ayaka MD Report | 09/23/2009 5:46 am
Ooooh. Good idea.... I shall download it!
Ayaka MD Report | 09/20/2009 8:31 am
Sci-Fi is still sci-fi even if it sucks. I'm goning to miss so much awesome crap, like the Doctor Who Christmas special.
Ayaka MD Report | 09/15/2009 6:17 am
Yep.....I'm sad! The stupid TV company decided it would be cool to take Sci-fi off the package we were paying for! Now I can't watch SGU (even though I'm still pissed at the creators for canceling SGA). Life sucks, oh well, I still have Hulu.com.
Ayaka MD Report | 09/09/2009 6:01 am
So. We haves a deal.....i'm thinking of all of the dirt right now, to save us time later!
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