So my name is: Summer

I am: 28

Sexuality: Lesbian

Status: Forever Alone

My hobbies: Drawing, Rping, Talking, Playing video games. (much more but cannot think right now)

Things I dislike: Ignorant people, Homophobes, Liars

Things I enjoy: Working, Dubstep(really any type of music), drawing, watching anime, reading manga, the color green, eating, and being on Gaia, AMERICAN HORROR STORY, also I have a slight obsession with Yuno Gasai<3 <3 >u< I wanna grow up to be like her~

Other things: Umm I love random PMs, Ask me stuff. I love to answer random a** questions xD I'm also somewhat of a perv, and I'm a tad bit on the insane side of things, which might explain why I could be considered a Yandere at times x3 O.o Also~ Here is the link to my Avi Art Shop if you are interested in it~ Pixy's Avi Art Store~ Either quote me or send me a PM~