Sup? The names Krys xD call me mew or kitty <3 yea anyways you wanna know about me? Well.. I live in the state of Minnesota! very cold here.. yes... and I am 19 years old =] I turn 20 on feb 2012 ;D my favorite colour is purple and I'm very into anime! ANIME!! O__o;; I cant draw it well but I'm trying =] anyways I barely get on gaia anymore because I recently developed a life ;D and for you horny guys out there I am taken! <3 LOVE YA BRET!! 12/02/10 <3 And.. I'm not that rich so don't beg me for any gifts. Especially if I don't know who you are? Why the hell would i donate a gift to someone I will never see again?? What a waste! I still get on once in a while so feel free to comment me/pm me/ whatever CONTACT ME!! ;D I love meeting new friends =] I'm very very hyper wiff my ADHD! oh and I got a another important fact.. I'm an autistic child.. if you don't understand then wiki it because I don't want to repeat myself over and over again =] I have MSN/AIM/Myspace/Facebook =D but... I only give those out to good friends ;D So if you want any of them then get to know me first k? I am halfway over the rainbow. I guess that means im bi right? RIGHT! got a problem with it? Huh? You do? Wanna know a secret? Come here... closer.. *screams in your ear* ******** YOU THEN!! have a nice day =]


Friday, August 01

Okay to start off with this girl is soo dayumm awezome shez my big sistahh too >_> lol xD the greatest sis!!!
Okay well thats it for nowz o and one last thing if u hurt this laydee here ull be dealing with me got it? good... Well that the end of it peace!

iHornyDoode was here haha love yah sis

Jojo was here.. *Leaves Mew a cookie* Oh yeah, if you want to cyber with Mewmew aka Krystal, then get a life! Buy one for 20$ at Target in the home style section! Thank yew. now good bye.

I was here,
-Sig Joey! HI MEW!
August 17, 2008

This here is mah favorite person! I want her inside of me. ;D Went from a complete stranger to like my best friend in just a few days! I wuves her <3
ALSO! She made me watch Tangled and for that I will fry her bacon on a Tuesday with the Queen's parasol. O_o .....yeah.
- Midnight Acid Trip biggrin


Chanel: This is Chanel SHES MEH BEST FWEND EVER! >.> and shes also meh best hooker ever <33 she and i talk about teh same stuffs over and over and we never get bored, we make each other laugh, we stand up for each other, and we cheer up each other =*] true friends AND OMG (dec 12-dec 14) WE SPENT 32 HOURS TOGETHER ON THE COMPUTER!!! but we stopped at midnight my time so i say from dec 12 to dec 14 =] to days wiff chanel no sleep.. WOOOOO!!!!! and we still were talkin see WE LOVE EACH OTHER! ily chanel <33 and dont mess around with her >.> shes my hooker >: O

Stevie: SHMOE!! <33 hes amazing i love talking to him were together every day besides the days hes off and when im off but OMG we can talk about anything *i kinda creep him out* BUT STILL hes fun to talk to and he cares about everyone i can see that he does straight in his pretty brown eyes =] yet the poor dude has been hacked -_- who ever hacked him i swear to god ill break yer friggin.. uhh COMPUTER! so you dont ever get to see gaia again.. STEVIE DID NOT DESERVE THIS!! i donated more then half of what i was worth to him i lahv him that much <33 *pokes stevie* o.o oh yes his names stevie btw x3 LURVE YOU SHMOE!!

Tyler: TYLER OMG HES MEH STALKER! we talk every day and never die..sometimes we do but thats on the bad days xD or meh busy days O_O *doesnt know what else to say* XD!

Vikki: This is Vikki! omg i luves her alot!! =O we used to be so close but we are kinda drifting apart but ill never ever replace her shes always going to be my bffl untill the very end =] i remember when we first met *flashback* none of yer beeznuss >_>" ok umm me and vikki hav alot in common because.... WE HAVE ADHD!!!! and.. WE LIKE THE SAME STUFFS!! and.. WE DO THE SAME THING!! not rly r_r ily vikki *glomps her*

Joey: JOJO!!! my son.. I havnt spoken to him in forever.. but ill never forget the good times iv had with my son ^_^ we used to be such dorks in towns/mtv hills.. i could talk to him bout anything.. t.t hope your doing well jojo :'D ill never forget yew.. ~love: your mommy <33

I don't know.. that was just random ^_^