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WAS FORMALLY KNOWN AS Pitch The Nightmare King

Hi, their random person reading my profile, or maybe your an old friend wondering where Pitch went. Well, i`m still here on Gaia its hard to go away after 10+ years of being on this site. My name is Stephanie but you may call me Pitch, Kiki or any of the RP names. This used to JUST be for RPing ROTG (Rise of the Guardians) But the fandom kinda died so I have now changed this account to my personal one.

Well the first thing to know about me is that I LOVE to RP but it might take me awhile to respond sometimes since life keeps me busy. I don't mind RPing OC`s (Own charters ) If they're well written, love seeing the background stories people make up it's fascinating. I will also NOT do incest, ship a child with a MUCH older adult, (other than black butler) other than that I'm pretty open-minded when it comes to people and their ships. Now I want the same respect in return though don`t you DARE message me and tell me that I'm trash because I ship two people you don't like together. You may not like them but that doesn't give you the right to be rude and disrespectful.

I`m 26 years old and I'm still in college almost done though! I am a film/animation student along with having started doing digital art and web design I have a lot to keep me busy. Also work full-time at a few nursing homes I'm an activity director/ assistant. I also dog sit when I can so it keeps me busy.

Love video games I mostly play on PS4 my PSN is kikiyoinuyasha you should add me just let me know yours from Gaia. I play mostly Destiny 2, Assassins Creed, Titan fall, ALOT of J-RPGs that's a long list in itself. Along with a DS, I play a lot of fire emblem, Pokemon, and Phoenix Wright. I also love anime but I don't seem to have the time to watch it as much as I would like to. I also play Dungeons and Dragons along with Starefinder, Magic, Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokemon cards. Also, play some steam games but my PC is not the best so...

☐ Single ☐ Taken ☑ Grey Warden
03.31.07 Is my Gaiaversary and November 18 is my birthday.

Currently am battling depression and severe anxiety and social anxiety, however, I'm looking to overcome both of these!

Currently, Want To RP

Camp Camp

Any premise will do. Don`t have any ships and I'm cool with all of them BUT MaxxDavid. I mostly RP as David since I relate to him the most.

Invader Zim

I really like A high skool premise as them as teens and just trying to survive on the god forsaken earth. I mostly RP as Zim and I do ship him with Dib but if you want to ship him to another person I'm cool with that to. I don`t like ZimxTak however other than a brother-sister bond.

Danny Phantom

I like to continue the story as if Phantom Planet never happened because there is so much more to do with the show and I love the teen angst/ drama that comes with it. Will RP as anyone from the show. Cool with almost any ship in this show my favorite has to be DannyxSam.

American Dragon Jake Long

I have SO many ideas for this one you would just need to message me about it. Down with any ship but my favorite is JackxRose. Normally RP as Rose but can do anyone.

Randy Cunningham 9th Grade Ninja

I also have a TON of ideas for this one as well so you will just need to message me again. Mostly RP as Randy since he is me in cartoon world I relate to him SO much it hurts. Cool with any ship in the show but my favorite is RandyxJuilan

Gravity Falls

I really like a gravity falls high school idea, also love RPing as abusive parents to my two favorite twins and they ran away to their Grunkles for the summer to try and live one more year. (I know I get dark sorry not sorry.) My favorite Ships are older DipperxBill , MablexPasifica, Dipperx Pasifica. I don`t have one person I normally stick to.

Rise of the guardians

So many ideas just message me for this one too. Normally RP as Pitch (duh) But can do anyone else. Ok with all ships.


Well what I really want is a family RP of undertale I love the light fluffy side to it along with its dark and twisted side. Normally RP as Frisk and Papy .
My faovirte ships are MettaxPappy


For right now I have been RPing Spider-man Homecoming like CRAZY I`m down for any premise really for spider-man in general. I love doing Avengers as a family it warms my cold heart. Love doing dark, light all of above really. I enjoy the hell out of the Father/son bond Peter and Tony have. My favorite ship is older PeterxWade Wilson AKA Deadpool. I also enjoy all of the other ships other than PeterxTony that one I won`t do.


This is one of my favorite video games of ALL time and I have been craving an RP of it. I haven't played the new game yet so we shall have to stick to the three games. I wanna RP as Haseo since he is my favorite charter I'm down for any ships (kinda ) and I have a ton of ideas for it. My favorite ship is HaseoxEndrance.

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Mockery Hamato Report | 03/17/2018 11:47 am
Mockery Hamato
Ahh yeah. It seems like the old nick helped alot of people in its hayday. I wish that they would do that for Danny Phantom. I have a thing for vlad and dark danny lol. Butch Hartman said if they brought danny back dark danny was coming back as well. I made an oc for that show too. But butch left nick and i know they arent bring it back. I wonder if that means fairly odd parents is getting canned too.
Mockery Hamato Report | 03/17/2018 10:57 am
Mockery Hamato
I know i heard about that and i cant wait to see it! There was a trailer for it floating on facebook for it, not fan made eitther.I loved the show dearly, gir got me thru some hard times i went thru. Lol i have a desk top but we hardly use cuz i have my laptop and we all have phones lol.
Mockery Hamato Report | 03/17/2018 10:20 am
Mockery Hamato
I miss invader zim. Think i may get that on itunes one day. Black mold? Damn that really sucks, i hope you have a good move. If you need anything for zim lemme know ok? I may be able to help
Mockery Hamato Report | 03/10/2018 1:38 pm
Mockery Hamato
Lol oh man i hate when i hit the wrong keys! Its cool dearie. And cool cant wait, i have skype and kik as well cuz not everyone wants to use discord >~< anyway how have you been? I am loving your avi btw.
priya yume Report | 03/10/2018 12:38 pm
priya yume
Im doing good back in the usa now. You up for dinner sometime
Mockery Hamato Report | 03/10/2018 11:08 am
Mockery Hamato
*hugs back* i miss talking to you as well. I dunno if you have discord but i am on there as Mockery Hamato #9826 and thanks i am proud of my anime avi.
Mockery Hamato Report | 03/10/2018 10:20 am
Mockery Hamato
Thank you so much! I love my gift!
priya yume Report | 02/18/2018 2:46 am
priya yume
hey how r u
Mockery Hamato Report | 02/17/2018 6:27 pm
Mockery Hamato
oh man that sucks, I am sorry to hear that.
Mockery Hamato Report | 02/10/2018 2:37 pm
Mockery Hamato
Thanks and that sucks. I hope ya save up enough soon so ya can get a new one.

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