I'm really optimistic.
I can find beauty in anyone and anything.
And I really can't stand people that just want to start a fight.
There's already so much negativity in the world.
Why add to it?
There are different sides to me.
I am usually very talkative and when you see me being quiet,
you know right away something is wrong with me.
I am unique, eccentric, talkative, friendly, loud and creative.
The kind of clothes I wear, or the kind of style I have is called "trendy",
Basically, what ever is in style,
or as my friends say, I'm a shopaholic.
I'd rather look like good than ok. (:
You may find it a stupid kind of style,
but I strut it with confidence
and don't care what people think of me when they look at me,
say what you will.
The only plans I have are dance and gymnastics... maybe a bit of horse back riding or pet-sitting,
I don't make plans often, so I'm basically always home,Alone,
on the computer, for 12 hours a day. Works for me,
I don't complain.
I burp, I laugh like a mad man and I sleeze around town like a bum,
personally, I enjoy horses, photography, modern art,
going to pool or just even walking around .
I try to enjoy every moment of my life and to not live with regrets,
I should always stay motivated and try harder, and I can only say the same for you.
I want to meet someone who has the same kind of humor as me,
I get jealous easily and attached easily,
I need to stop doing that, it only leads me to unhappiness and sadness.
But I'm in love with life and don't want to leave anytime soon, I'm enjoying it too much.

Avi art::

Izazu, Black Angels Love, and Mua. - in order from left to right-

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By:: Sushy! (:


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Tyler? Someone hacked my account. sad Add me!
IX_Soul Eater_XI

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IX_Soul Eater_XI

is this Jamie?? Its Tyler
Chiroptera Woman

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Chiroptera Woman


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I love the dress, what item is it from?
Zombie Berlioz

Report | 07/14/2010 8:14 am

Zombie Berlioz

Yeah if you want the link I can get it for you.
posts are about a paragraph though so it's not too bad.
Zombie Berlioz

Report | 07/14/2010 8:07 am

Zombie Berlioz

It's like a School but kingdom hearts.
Zombie Berlioz

Report | 07/14/2010 7:48 am

Zombie Berlioz

Yes it's a pretty awesome game.
really fun.
Zombie Berlioz

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Zombie Berlioz

It's like a Kingdom Hearts themed one.
How about you, what are you up to?
Zombie Berlioz

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Zombie Berlioz

Aww thanks.
well trying to sell stuff I can part with, I'm in a good rp at the moment.
Zombie Berlioz

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Zombie Berlioz

acquiring shibuya nobodies x2


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