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TwewME Report | 05/31/2013 3:37 pm
How long have you had this anyways? ovo If you posted this on your FB I must have missed it. Then again I've not used this in a long time. Some other friends were buggin me to get on. lol
Piret Gainsborough Report | 05/31/2013 1:23 pm
Piret Gainsborough
"Creature?! Such insolence!! I'll grind you to dust!!" The Dark energies gathered around her, and she began to gather power...
Starletta Ellington Report | 05/31/2013 12:43 pm
Starletta Ellington
She stood there, and brought out her weapon, ready to prove this creature not only didn't exist, but to remove any of the 'Glamor' it was producing. "Do not underestimate me, creature...."
TwewME Report | 05/31/2013 11:43 am
Oh yeah, I was gonna ask if you wanted to RP with Fang again too. I know they get along well.
Also our OC's should hang out a bit. I can see Piret getting along with with thief Nina. But I don't think we really RP'd much on FB with them. x3 I'll send you a message later. For now gotta head to the store.
See ya later! ^v^
TwewME Report | 05/31/2013 11:40 am
Nice. Lol
TwewME Report | 05/31/2013 1:16 am
Hey Piret! : D I didn't know you had a Gaia. I've actually not checked mine in a long time. Lol
Piret Gainsborough Report | 05/30/2013 12:39 am
Piret Gainsborough
"With what, little girl? I am a Cetra. My powers are greater than an above average humans. Stand still, and let me end this quick!"
Starletta Ellington Report | 05/30/2013 12:31 am
Starletta Ellington
"I am not here to fight you, but if you continue this charade, I will be forced to defend myself, and you will regret fooling, let alone trying to hurt others." She stood there, defying the charlatan's 'powers'.
Piret Gainsborough Report | 05/29/2013 4:38 am
Piret Gainsborough
"How quaint. So you've led a life of scandalous wonder....You're dealing with a Cetra Purple Magician. Did you forget? As for the White Materia, it's where it always was. I know, because I retrieved it afterward." She gave a laugh, then grew angry. "Don't you -dare- call -my- Genesis 'delusional', do you hear me, you insignificant cow?! When I destroy you, no one will know anything. I am Aerith's older by four minutes Twin Sister, and it will stay that way!" The dark energies began to coalesce around her as she stared vehemently at the Cleric.
Starletta Ellington Report | 05/28/2013 5:39 am
Starletta Ellington
Star looked down for a moment, then shook off the blonde's hold. "No. That's where you're wrong. It's what I wanted. I, unlike you, did not go around announcing or advertising myself. I wanted them to forget me. My time in that world was up, and I chose to do the best thing possible. They forgot me, true, but they haven't. Aerith made sure of that. Ask yourself where the White Materia is. Can you feel it? Can you call it? I can. As for Genesis, you're in love with a delusional fool who's obsessed with a nonsensical poem. I know for a fact, you glamored them all. You got my history right, and some, but you don't have all the facts. You only appear to be from Cloud's world, but you shouldn't pretend to know of other worlds and their history. Allow me to break it down for you, shall I? Zell Dincht. Zell is already spoken for by a wonderfully kind and caring young lady named Esther. Yes, I do love him. But I saw those two loved each other more, and I did my best to keep it that way. I still love him. However, he is never going to be mine, and I accept this. Raijin? Raijin was treated by me for wounds he had received during a war that sprung up. You see, their world is similar to the one you claim to come from, but a tad different. Instead of a doom and gloom setting like Midgar and Edge, they have...Love. with Love comes Tragedy, as well as Strength. I watched a good friend of mine try to reason and fight the Sorceress from their Future, but in the end, he couldn't convince her. That war? I was almost killed by a sadistic Blue user. You know Enemy Skills? Well they're called 'Blues' there. Her name was Emily Strange. I wouldn't let her ravage and destroy Zell as he lay critically wounded. I used my body as his shield. During the second War, I watched his Alternate version behead him, and incinerate his body, leaving me to hold Zell's head. I felt broken and dead. I felt a pinprick of Light tell me to follow his Alternate and try to heal him. Somehow by the many graces of Cosmos herself, I healed him. His name? Azel Dincht. Meanwhile, Zell had been reconstructed and then revived by these 'Nano-Bots', and went to fight Azel. I watched the man I loved, fight his Alternate. It tore me in two, because now I had two Zell's I loved. I had to stop them both, so I got in between them." Starletta turned to her left, and looked down as she held her hands to her heart. "Another grace from Cosmos. It worked. They worked together to stop the War. After that War was over, and Azel was healed, he left, staying in Zell's world to pursue himself, and find out who he was. I then find myself in an odd city where people battled using....cards. I met this blonde man named Raphael. His eyes.....That same pinprick, and I had to be near him. After another young man healed him, Raphael swore to help protect me, wherever I went. I didn't charm, or glamor anyone to like me. I was genuinely nice as well as caring. Everyone didn't like me as much as you probably assume. They were quite mistrusting of me at first. As for Wakka, as well as that Detective, I didn't lead them on. Wakka was brotherly to me, and Kyle....." She stopped, and realized Kyle really had tried, and inwardly felt horrid. "Kyle was a close friend. Not a single person was ever glamored. I won their trust and care on my own."

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"They call me 'Queen of the Night' but my close ones know that I'd rather prefer being the queen of my own lonely island..." - Beautiful, mysterious, powerful [RP Character - all rights belong to Piret's creator]

Piret ("The high one", "The illustrious one" wink Gainsborough, 24, born on December 4th in Midgar, 3 minutes before her twin-sister Aerith Gainsborough was born.
Since her sister was killed she is the last one of her race who survived.
She is the was born as the first daughter of Ifalna and Dr. Farmis Gast.

[Piret is an invented person by me as I love FFVII and inventing stories and FF's hope you will have fun with her smile ]

[Outter appearance] Piret is remarked by her saphire blue eyes and her long platinum blonde hair. She is 1,75m tall and slim. Her prefered colour is purple which she likes to wear with black. Her appearance reminds people of the starry sky - some others say she personifies the beauty of the night that's why she is called "Queen of the Night" - and makes them freeze and stare at her. That's something which sometimes annoys her so that she used her powers and jumps on the roofs and goes on walking up there.
Her preferred clothes are long elegant dresses - which are mainly purple - and for fights or adventures leather leggings gloves and all kinds of high-heels with many rivets and metal-chains.
She belongs to the tallest and rather sexiest female FF-characters.

[Character] Piret has many facets, on the one hand she is mysterious, silent and secluded, on the other hand she is caring, friendly and a person with a big heart. She wants to protect the people she loves which makes her strong at the fight. And she has some kind of protectiveness especially because she sees it as her duty to protect her peaceful and pure sister since they have lost their parents. That makes her merciless in the fights too. Because of that Piret rather tries to avoid showing personal sadness or suffer. She has to be strong for Aerith.
Music is an important thing in her life. Piret always used to play instruments like the guitar, violin or the piano and sing for her sister Aerith whom she is like a mother for.

[Job-Class & Powers] She is an educated purple-magician which means that she has the control over the pure darkness (the good darkness). She uses three different weapons: Her scythe called Silence (main weapon), daggers and a chain-whip.
She does earn some money as musician and model although and loves photography.

[Realtionships] Piret lost her parents in very young days. Vincent Valentine who used to be her father's best friend is now like a father for her and Aerith.
When she was a teenager and went to the Magic school of Midgar she met Genesis Rhapsodos whom she madly fell in love with and who seems to be the only one who can subdue her and knows all her sides. They have been an official couple for some months now. However Piret deepest wish is that Genesis soon proposes to her and that they have babies soon. Since it is official now Piret also lives in the big estate in Banora with Genesis and is good friends with Angeal Hewley and his mother and highly respected by Sephiroth. She is also liked very much by Lucrecia as their mother always took them with her to Lucrecia. They've become good friends.
Zack is her best friend as both are connected somehow because of Aerith. She helped him in dangerous and different moments in Crisis Core and they both that to mess around together.
As Tifa Lockhart and her orphans have saved her from death the children Marlene and Denzel are like the children she doesn't have but wishes for. Tifa belongs to her best friends just like the rest of the crew.
Piret hates nothing more than ShinRa. She herself says it brings bad luck and suffer to people.

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The Neurosis of a Maria Susan


I love the starry sky and the night and I am in love with the sea and the beach...
both are so relaxing and agreeable.
I love to rest there playing on my guitar or my violin and sing.
Besides from that I am collecting my powers from them.