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Birthday: 09/11


For the Stalkers

Hello Stalkers! I’m surprised you’ve come to my profile, and since you are here I suppose I can give you briefing of my existence right? I mean you've troubled yourselves to check me out.
For starters my username is actually supposed to be seen as Pirate Ed, so preferably I wanted to be called Ed, but due to friends seeing my name differently they just call me Pira, which is preferable.
I think my age might say on my profile, if it doesn’t… well I suppose that’s too bad. I can just say that I’m in the young adult stage of my life and it’s a learning experience that I do enjoy.
What I do on Gaia, well I just rp. That is what I use Gaia for and that is basically it.
Thanks for stopping by, hope that it was enough information to satisfy your needs. Peace out you Goons.


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