Hey there. I go by the name Elsa
but my username on Gaia is Pirate Rukia.
I've been a member of Gaia since 2006. This has been the 4th account that I have made. I'm constantly quitting and donating my items, only to come back months later as a noob.
As you may or may not know, the character Rukia is from the show Bleach. She is a soul reaper who is in charge of slaying evil spirits called "Hollows".Well, here's a bit about myself. I am a normal teenager who is currently in high school for one more year. I am interested in art, music, and writing. I'm hoping to get into an exceptional art school, once I graduate. A few things I like are junk food, anime, technology, Pokemon, animals, and stand-up comedy.


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Oh a Rukia profile how nice. It took a long time but I decided she is my favorite female on Bleach. Deep down I always knew I just didn't accept it.

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Hello there heart
0h canada

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0h canada

Thank you, very much.


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