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All about Chris!

Alright, it's about time I update this thing.
My name's Chris! I'm an apprentice Electrician for the IBEW in Albuquerque. L.U. #611, represent!
I'm pretty laid back. I like to relax and listen to music, though I never seem to have as much opportunity to do that as I would like razz I'm a music junkie. I listen to pretty much everything, though I play favorites. Classic rock is my favorite genre simply because there's nothing like rock and roll. Pure soul and emotion and just plain fun in every riff, guitar solo and screaming vocal you hear. I love it! When it comes to just pick-up-and-go listening pleasure, I love progressive rock/metal and alternative rock. I'm currently in love with Foster The People and Rooney razz I love me some punk rock too. Rise Against, yeeyuh!
Hmmm I'm a gamer, though not as much of one as I'd like to be at the moment. I'm so busy with work these days, it's hard to have much time for anything else. I do my best, though razz
I'm a musician! Though, the same rule above applies here: I don't have much time for it lately. I need a layoff, haha wink I love to write, and I love to play. I play guitar as well as sing. I've been really enjoying singing lately, though I don't have as much confidence behind it as I do my guitar playing. I had a band once, but it bit it within months. I'd love to have one again! There's nothing like jamming with a band smile

Love is a big theme in my life. It's also one of the most challenging things I've ever encountered. It's also the most rewarding smile I'm in love with my girlfriend, Kelly <3 She means a lot to me. More than I can express here, and more than you care to listen to me ramble on about razz She's the one I've chosen for me, and she makes me the happiest guy in the world! We've had so many back and forth moments, and so many struggles. We may not always agree, and we may have our differences, but we don't stop loving each other, and we never stop trying to work things out. We have lots of good times too, and they make all the bad times look so small. It's worth every bit of it! We've recently had a big change in our relationship that was both awful and a blessing at the same time. We're stronger for it, and I'm happier knowing what I know now because of it smile Anyway! We've been together nearly two years now, and I'm very thankful for having such an amazing girl! Her profile is here, bam! Lemun
I value friendship very much! It goes along with love, both of which are pretty constant themes in my life. Without my friends and loved ones, I wouldn't be who I am today. They all bring out the best sides of me smile I'll stick my neck out for them in a heartbeat.
So I'm pretty random, and I love conversations about everything and nothing. I'm a talker, so hit me up! razz
I guess that about sums it up!


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My Mark of Mastery

"Hope is what makes us strong. It is why we are here. It's what we fight with when all else is lost."
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the mabel Report | 11/27/2012 10:33 pm
the mabel
hey. so i'm back on gaia. can't remember how long it's been.
i feel like ages ago (possibly years) we used to talk regularly on here.
just wanted to say hi and see how it's going and shiz... smile
Marleas Cygnus Report | 04/20/2012 8:09 pm
Marleas Cygnus
Yeahhh I just researched a lot of stuff. My code is actually really small for that. I can change background pic and color at will to which is cool...for the background and the window backgrounds
Marleas Cygnus Report | 04/20/2012 7:11 pm
Marleas Cygnus
Motherly Report | 11/12/2011 11:54 am
Sweet! 8D Actually I have a media code on my profile that she could use. c:
I dont want my media showing at all expect a few arrows so people can pause it if they want .c:
o 3o Thank you! I'll ask her then. >:
Motherly Report | 11/11/2011 10:59 am
Omg, where did you go to make your profile?
Also if its coolpresets what code did you use to make the background fill the whole thing??Does the picture need a specific size?

Sorry of the sudden comment seems berserk a bit haha gonk
Jeanniebear Report | 03/23/2011 5:33 pm
Hehe n///n Yesss you must! =O
Okay, sweet! Just let meh knows whenever razz
And thank you! 3nodding heart
Jeanniebear Report | 03/23/2011 5:10 am
You should uppppppppppppp.. sorry.. there was something under my "P" key.. xDDD
Anyways! You should update your about me surprised
And want me to change your profile? Just give me a theme and I can do theees for joo blaugh dramallama
I redid my whole profile and thought we both could use a little updating hehehe heart
Ricky Wolf Report | 02/17/2011 8:14 pm
Ricky Wolf
But then he somehow comes back at the end of the game.. hell, I don't even know what was meant to happen XD the ending of the game was twisted. I tried to stop them all as the collosus but couldn't do it, I tried to stop myself from being sucked into the vortex thing, failed that too, is it even possible to experiance an alternate ending or something?
Ricky Wolf Report | 02/16/2011 8:50 pm
Ricky Wolf
XDDD Same happened to me, when I fell I just yelled (IRL) "I'm coming for you Alrong!" XD
Ricky Wolf Report | 02/16/2011 11:50 am
Ricky Wolf
Yeah, tallest boss in the game, save 16 ofcoarse lol But then again 16 was more powerful then he was tall, nothing felt like a dramatic moment quite like dodging exploding electric balls that made you fly back and almost dead on contact.

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