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User ImageKonnichiwa! My name is Ami-Chama, and I have dedicated this account to all of the pink haired girls and women in the culture genre, anime!
Anime has lots of pink haired mistresses, so I will list the most known girls (or boys, but mostly girls) that I know here;

Misha-(Pita Ten)
Rabi en Rose- (Digi Charat)
Lacus Clyne-(Gundam Seed)
Sugar-(Sugar Snow Fairy)
Aritta/Gloomieta-(Tales of the Abyss)
Lucy-(To Heart 2)
Miharu-(Girls Bravo)
Mizuho-(Onegai Teacher
Mayura-(Loki Ragnarok)
Mini Moon-(Sailor Moon)
Millfeulle-(Galaxy Angel)
Simca-(Air Gear)
Ichigo-(Tokyo Mew Mew)
Kusajika Yachiru-(Bleach)
Nyu/Lucy-(Elfen Lied)
Kurumi-(Steel Angel Kurumi)
Black Rose-(.Hack)
Kururu-(Bottle Fairy)
Louise-(Zero no Tsukaima
Yuna-(Kage Kara Mamoru
Momo-(Angel Tales)
Shuichi Shindo (Gravitation)
momoko (from wedding peach)
komugi (from nurse witch komugi chan)
princess comet (from princess comet )
mizuho (from onegai teacher)
Kallen Stadfeld (code geass)

(excuse any repetitions, It gets confusing after a while...)

If you know of any others, please do not hesitate to PM me ^^

Anyway~ I will be making a guild that I'll post up here. It will include Fanart, from outside gaia and inside (hopefully, if you guys will contribute ^^ I know I will), fanfiction, a graphics corner, roleplays, cosplay contests, and more! I will be submitting to arenas so look out for my contributions ^^ Ratings are love <3

I cant tell its going to be fun so Owari for now!


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News about the guild-to-be, cosplay contests, and more



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