[x]About Me[x]

Birtday: April 25, 1991

Good enough?

{Stuff I like}

[x]fros, flicks, the colors pink and black, chinese food?,music ((any kind, except Blue Grass or Country)), last but not least, Tim Hortons...((hmmm...coffee))

{Stuff that should be burned in Hell}

[x]mohawks,clicks,all country music,school, posers, wannabees, flakes, retards,fakers,b*tches...you get the point...and I hate the color blue, everyone likes it...and also i don't like PIZZA!!!

{Crap I enjoy doing}

[x]swimming ,surfing the net, dance when no one is watching... reading ((interesting books that is))shopping,hanging out with friends.

{Ending comments...}

[x]I know i have just begun, but now it is over...sorry to dissapoint anyone...but you don't want to sit here all day reading this crap...so goodbye and enjoy life, while it lasts.


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my journal is simple, what my mood is, how i feel about things, etc. I like to be dIfFeReNt, not like everyone else in the crowd. I like to write about real life stuff, and of course some nonsense must be involved!


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[-Alluring Enchantress-]

Report | 03/24/2006 5:03 pm

[-Alluring Enchantress-]

and im third! hahahahahaha!!! LOL

(comment on my profile?)

Report | 01/06/2006 5:14 pm


Well I'm second...hee hee...muahhh.... domokun

Report | 01/06/2006 5:10 pm


hey hey i am first on here......heheheheeh hahahahahah to all of you........


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yes, yes it is

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