Who I am

The way I dress on here is the way I dress usually in real life.

I'm also a ninja on the Internet. Try and find me.


Hey, just call me Courtney. I mean, you could call me Pink but I'm so used to being called my birthing name so yeah, just call me that.

I'm uh, 22. From the Midwest. Illinois. 45 or so minutes out from Chicago. It's pretty quiet here except I live next to the train tracks and a major road.

I'm also extremely gay. A rainbow trail follows behind me wherever I go.

And no, not single. Got a girlfriend who I'm living with.

Working at a Chamber of Commerce as basically a receptionist of sorts.

There's a lot more about me than what meets the eye so please, ask me whatever you like.

Hope you have a great rest of your day. And if not, I can probably make it better for you. If you want to talk about any problems and concerns you have, I'd love to help. Because that's my nature.




So when I was 16, I went on chatroulette and I stumbled upon a majestic wonder:

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