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You can call me Lilly. +16 but -21. I'm many things but most importantly a girl who just can't make up her mind.

My 3DS friend code 1821 - 9104 - 7538 and the names Lilly, please PM me if you add me. Thnx!

My favorites:
Black Butler
Ouran High School Host Club
Soul Eater
Fruits Basket
Death Note
My Little Pony
Doctor Who
Invader Zim
Fairly Odd Parents
Adventure Time
Nightmare Before Christmas
Robot Chicken
Once Upon A Time
Family Guy
Spirited Away
Howls Moving Castle
Repo! The Genetic Opera
The Devils Carnival
The Molting Comics
The list just goes on and on and on.

A few more things about me:
I love and use tarot cards.
I play Minecraft, Magic The Gathering, DnD, Maplestory, and just about every Mario game out there.
I have met Terrance Zdunich twice and have a half-finished tattoo based on his work of Repo!, Devils Carnival and The Molting.
I don't read many online comics, but i'd love to find some that catch my attention.
I enjoy going to cons, despite my crippling social anxiety.
My dream is to make and sell fursuits out of my home, as well as other clothing and accessories and draw + write online comics.


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3DS friend code 1821 - 9104 - 7538[/align:771fd37420]



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