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Admiral Absurd <3

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the ambient soul

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The Spellslinger

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Not avi art but a drawing of me! By Ryazombie

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Reyna224 <3

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Moogle Voodoo <3

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IImSoWhiteLOL <3

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Absolute Brightness <3

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I forgot who! Sorry. sad

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Rya Zombie <3

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Valtiel <3

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Alexander <3

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Again I forgot who! SORRY! sad

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Dolce <3

Alicia <3

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My name is Ali.
I'm 26, born May 24th 1990.
I'm born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
I'm funky and spontaneous. I like the different things in life.
I love body modifications and beauty.
I have 11 piercings (I've retired 12) and 3 tattoos.
I graduated from college with a diploma in esthetics.
Make-up is my love and my passion. I'm obsessed with lipstick, I have at least 20 shades.
I run the online business for a clothing store that specializes in clothing and shoes for tall women.
I have an addiction to selfies.
I'm a vegetarian of 14 years now.
I'm a mix of an old lady who likes to watch re-runs of her shows and go to bed at 9 pm and up at 4 am and a child who likes to be silly, colour and collect toys, and have fun.
My boyfriend is my best friend and the love of my life. December 20th will be our 2 years.
If you have anymore questions about me feel free to ask. : D

Follow my instagram to creep on my life!


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nostalgibra Report | 10/01/2017 7:15 am
Yooo, I'm only 2 days older than you! You seem like a really rad person. <3
Sorril Report | 01/18/2017 9:08 am
Hope you feel better with a day off.
Merrypipinhawai Report | 10/16/2016 7:27 am
Oh my god, your signature selfie is gorgeous~! heart
Moonlit Maria Report | 01/19/2016 10:10 am
I thoroughly want to apologize to you for what I said. Sometimes online I attack people because I see something they say that I don't like. I did not mean anything I said. Honestly, it's really hypocritical because I struggled with weight my entire life. And you truly are a gorgeous woman as long as you wear a dot of makeup because you have natural beauty. You look like a clown when you wear too much makeup and it detracts from your actual beauty https://www.instagram.com/p/BAXo121TdB8/?taken-by=alicia_reynolds as seen here. You are very pretty. And honestly, I know you are a plus sized girl but you look stunning and tall. Man I wish I was tall like you. I have like 20 stools and high heels make me 5'2" at best. I do not think you're fat, just thick. Contrary to popular belief guys like thick women. When I weighed 150 pounds I was in a bikini and all these giorgeous green eyed well-built south American men kept hitting on me. In my 150s and 140s I got a lot of men of all types. Mostly handsome men. I am very sorry honey. I didn't mean it. But I meant it toward ghosty Pie as she is an atrpcious thundercunt from hell. You would make twice the emount of money she makes cam modeling if you did it. I did not mean a thing I said to you dear. I actually wanted tp be your friend but I didn't think we had anything in common, so, yeah. Look girl. You are beautiful naturally. You dress nice, yiou have a nice bone structure and eyes, You are statuesque so don't listen to mu obnoxious little hildish rants. Go out and show em' what you got girl.
MemoriesOfGreen Report | 10/19/2015 10:28 am
I'm a fan of your avi. Lots of pink!
skeetskeet in uranus Report | 12/18/2014 4:49 pm
you're absolutely lovely. that is all<3
moonlight_peach12 Report | 09/07/2014 5:15 pm
Hi I wanted to tell you that I think you are very pretty & that your avatar looks very stylish & fashionable a well. I hope you have a nice day smile
pookinstein Report | 06/28/2014 1:51 pm
You're gorgeous crying
Can I steal like an eighth of your self-confidence?
LARSZIEL Report | 05/22/2014 11:33 pm
HEY it'll be your golden birthday tomorrow !!!!!! cat_exclaim cat_exclaim cat_exclaim cat_exclaim
Moonlit Maria Report | 03/18/2014 7:18 pm
At Marilyn Monroe . Com they're having a Macy's sale of marilyn monroe prints and outfits. I just thought you'd like to see the sale.


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