*hi my name is pernounce [gab-ree-ell] yup yup im a cute filipina.
*i was born in the bay area.
*my mature thing is singing, listening 2 hip hop & RnB music,n usually hang out wit mii friends!
*yea yea. i am SINGLE. dont get 2 excited boyz. haha.
*i have a lovable family.i have the best 5 friends, felicia, alina, jenna, vanessa, and sara!! my freinds are totally better than yours.
*i make mistakes and learn from them.
*i like being unique.
*i have an awesome personality.
you can't change me.
*i am who i am.
*i'm just like any other person.
*i handle things MY WAY.
*i am old enough to make my own decisions.
*i know what's right and what's wrong.
*if you don't like me,don't talk to me.
*i love ANYONE who has my back.
-end of story biggrin