hey i took over my friends accoutnt sorry but my name is mike n im asian, 16, i luv rock and hip hop n im single im a shy dude but funny im sorry if i took over your best friends page but i promise he'llmake a new one if he aint so lazy....but get to know me n...idk yeah....

Im in love with LUNA!, but it's really complicated right now.

I wanna be your dream guy,and i hope you can see me as your boyfriend.
I love it when girls be themselves, actually tell the truth, video games, can show me that you are a girl, and no not get naked in front of me. have a since a humor, when you're feeling blue you can come to me first instead of telling the web. dont have to act like you would around your friends. dont be so negative about how good looking you are. Call me a player, call me what you want but I'll tell you how it is....Ya Hear! Treat me wrong, that's cool, but dont cry if I tell you it's over.
Ok, I'm tired gonna grab a bit, so if you wanna know more pm me, or talk to me dont just be a stranger on my profile, or get lost
Yut! xd