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Here I ramble. Or scramble words and eggs For bregg fast. ^^U


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Hmm well yeah if you are looking at china specifically they may do things differently. I just checked for exportng horses to china, and NZ has a specific deal with china on that front, so it seems it may depend what country you are bringing them from.

But yeah I can definitly understand frustrations there, my major was "behavioural ecology" which is basically animal behaviour. So if you think human brains are complex, try putting them up against all the brains of all other organisms on earth, and then looking to see how they interact with each other and thier environments XD.

Besides doing it in biology I also studied cognitive behaviour of animals as a philosophy course....so yeah definitly branched into the arts emo XD

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You cant make diet requests? thats weird, the ones I looked up in nz seem to do it with "advanced notice" but looking into the states it seems most quarantine holders are private businesses as well, so seems like if you dosent allow you to pay extra for that you probally could find another that would?

I have to agree with your prof. Whilst the scientific method is important to produce meaningful results, a important facet of it it replicability. Also anytime results are open to interpretation and different researchers could give different interpretations then the scientic method has failed.

It would prehaps be a lot more creditable to to establish a more directly related stringent methodology that allows for interpretation (and direct challenging of data still). As you say, you may be a metal worker, and you may make a wooden cabinet using metalwork techniques, you may create a great product, but you cant say you are a woodworker. You just applied a set of techniques that worked for a specific situation, but that doesnt then mean that you can make anything out of wood using metal work.

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Indeed XD

And it was hard work for extermly little pay (well, well, under minimal wage). But the travel was what made it worth it for me. Yeah horses are expensive, and take lots of care. I dont think I would ever want to own one. Though I have worked with them and ridden many. Though Im not a great rider, I wouldnt take on jumping, and wouldnt really want to do much more than trekking, or light trots.

Yeah unless you are really rich, then moving animals overseas is a toughy.

Heres a look at the cost of bringing a horse from Chicago to NZ (because its the best example I could find from someone with lots of experience...)

1) Chicago to Auckland - $US15,350

Basic charge includes the following:

1) three weeks quarantine in overseas facility
2) two weeks quarantine in either New Zealand or Australia quarantine facility
3) airline flight with stall and groom

Mandatory charges not included in basic charge:

1) all testing of CEM, Dourine, Piroplasmosis and EVA -add another €400 per horse
2)three days pre export isolation - €75 per horse (sometimes they bring them in days earlier at your cost)
3) road transport from overseas quarantine facility to airport - €120 per horse (approx. $US500)
4) airline fuel surcharge - €370 per horse
5) 2 shots of Equine Influenza vaccines 6 weeks apart - €90
5) clipping of horse (in winter only) - €80 per horse

TOTAL for the above mandatory charges - €1051 per horse not including clipping

Not mandatory but likely charges:

1) road transport from sellers yard to quarantine facility - up to €600 depending on location (up to $US1200)
2) any medical treatment while in quarantine - the sky's the limit here. Two of my horses showed signs of a slightly elevated temperatures. Both were administered antibiotics, one for a day and a half and the other for 4 days. I received a $1000 bill for this service.
3) livery at the sellers yard if they charge - €35+ per day per horse
Now add on the likely charges above.

GST of 15% will then be added on the cost of your horse. If you are GST registered then you can claim this back, if not then add this cost into your total.

So around 20,000us is probally still a realistic cost per horse...

If you can afford to do that each country you go to, well, you are much much much richer than I.

Yeah, I dont mean to be mean, but social sciences is a nice way to make the arts students studying them feel they are doing something more than a art subject....when they arent. Psychology depending on what you are doing can be more science based, but mainly once you start studying clinical psychology...and thats because thats where things like biology become really important.

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No worries.

I wish it was profession related, Ive struggled to get work related to my degree emo In Milwaukee I worked at the zoo as a education intern, in Ohio I worked at a camp in outdoor education and other camp activities (They did have a nice nature center though so I got to work with some pretty cool reptiles, small mammals and even a couple raptors) and in California I did a similar thing though they didnt have animals, well unless you count the pretty cool ones that were on thier relativly large hilly property (Like bobcats and rattle snakes). When working on the cruise ship I did have "home ports" in FL and AK if that counts as well.

I used to make fun of psych majors, since they are such easy targets....until I realised that there is about as little work in biology as well...

There is definitly a lot of work in IT though.

Where are you planning to travel to? Im lucky to say since 2008 I have been to ~33 countries, of which I only had to pay to got to 2 of them emotion_kirakira That cruise job had a lot of travel XD.

Ahh I dont really miss my first car, and Ive had plently of cars since (Since I tend to get cheap cars use them for a while, and then go somewhere else for months so sell that car, and then get another cheap one when I get home. Ive only had one American car, and that was given to me when I was in the states, it was a junker, but still nice especially for a free car from a pretty much stranger.

Too many astra items? I tend to not use those, they are too visually distracting XD

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You cant see anything in here to edit it?


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Yeah, I have never been big on american muscle but the mustang would be a lot cooler. A lot more expensive to run though I would guess. Wow a 5 year drive, that is pretty far.

I got my BSc Biol in 2008, then spent a year in the states working in WI, OH and CA, then I worked on cruise ships for a couple years, then I spent a year working in Canada in ON and AB. Now I am back home (In NZ) just working labourious jobs. Hoping to find something better still applying to stuff since my current job is only seasonal.

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SO what have you been up to these past 5+ years of so?

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Queen, nah Im not Fabulous...

But yeah I only know a few gaians from when I joined really. Probally more of a sad reflection of myself that I am still here XD.

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I tried searching the name and got no results emo but cool cool. Definitly cool to see you active. Definitly have a bunch of old friends I havent seen log in for many many years

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So you have still been around on gaia for a while then? Since it feels like I havent really talked to you since like 06 XD.


Well, hobbits are peace-lovin' folks, you know.
They're never in a hurry, and they take things slow.
They don't like to travel away from home,
They just like to eat and be left alone.