Character Type: OC
Name: Pierrot
Alias: Jean-Philippe Genesius
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 213 lbs.
Occupation: Thief, Pantomime Actor
Allies: Colombine, Joker
Group Affiliation: The Mummers, Joker's Psycho Circus, Joker's Commedia della Morte

Pierrot has incredible acrobatic skills. He is a normal human with no superhuman powers. He has a genius level intellect and can understand multiple languages. He is a master safe-cracker and pick-pocket.

Pierrot has all the same general weaknesses that any normal human has. He lost his tongue, so he cannot speak. He will also begin to feel lost and despondent when he is not around his lover and cousin, Anne-Marise.

Jean-Philippe was born just a few months earlier than his cousin, Anne-Marise, in Paris, France. The cousins come from an old established family of stage performers; their families raised them to become some of the greatest stage performers in history. Jean-Philippe’s father especially pushed his son to train to become a great singer once his natural voice talent was recognized. The constant pressure from their family caused the cousins to resent them and they began to take a path of truancy. The cousins had many encounters with the law and became known as juvenile delinquents.

One day, Anne-Marise was caught as she tried to steal a wallet. The man she tried to steal from was a member of the mafia, who was vacationing in Paris. He took her to an apartment he was staying in to ‘teach her some respect’. Jean-Philippe had seen the man grab Anne-Marise and pull her off, so he followed them to free his beloved cousin. Jean-Philippe broke into the apartment, but Anne-Marise had already been severely beaten. The man who beat her had his associates hold Jean-Philippe down as the man cut his tongue out as a warning against stealing from the mafia. The mafia men left the cousins there alone. They were taken to a hospital by another tenant of the building who saw the two injured cousins through the open door of the apartment.

When their family learned of what had happened, they disowned the two cousins. Angry at the fact that Jean-Philippe's acting and singing career was ended by the loss of his tongue, the family blamed Anne-Marise. When the cousins were released from the hospital, they left France and made their way to America. They hoped to strike it big on the stage in Gotham City, performing a Pantomime act that didn't require any speaking. Their stage show was widely ignored by the public. Falling on hard times, the cousins turned to stealing to survive.

One night, while on a job, they ran into the infamous Joker. He liked their look, as the two dressed as mimes while they committed crimes. The Joker told them that they were going to work for him, giving him a percentage of everything they stole. They accepted his offer to work for him, knowing that it was a bad idea to refuse the Joker. The Joker gave them the name The Mummers and bestowed the names Colombine on Anne-Marise and Pierrot on Jean-Philippe.



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Colombine of the Mummers Report | 01/16/2013 4:52 pm
Colombine of the Mummers
Bonjour, mon amour.
King of Crime - Joker Report | 08/09/2011 12:08 am
King of Crime - Joker
You've been promoted! Welcome to my inner circle that I call the Commedia Della Morte!
King of Crime - Joker Report | 07/23/2011 11:33 pm
King of Crime - Joker
You look so serious...Ahahahahahaha! Black and white suit you...And that flexible strumpet of a cousin of yours too! Hehehehehe...
Colombine of the Mummers
Dottore di Commedia
King of Crime - Joker
Pierrot of the Mummers