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Gravity's Rainbow by Picturesofgrey
On 7". The big part of putting this out is make sure you open it. When you listen to it, I think of Black Moth Super Rainbow. If this could be what it is to me. The hope I put into the scene should bring everyone to notice independent music and be a part of it. How important is that? It's rhetorical. I want to thank Nnamdi Ogbonnya, Miles Murphy for being on the album.

Holy Things by Pictures of Grey
Created by the original 4 piece band Pictures Of Grey, Holy Things is their first full length album since the band became a solo project. This album is about the 8 modes of the Bible.
Michael Philips // Vocals
Jiro Lagac // Vocals and guitar
Peter Tran // Bass
Vincent Chen // Drum Machine and Synths

The Seafoam Green Monster by Picturesofgrey
The Seafoam Green Monster is a step in the obscure genre known as Ocean Grunge. It is also a step into IDM and indie hip hop. This album means a lot to me because it's about my relationship. I'm sure god created me and my wives to watch our romance play out like Adam and Eve.
released October 27, 2019

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Atavastic by PIcturesofgrey
This album is dedicated to my wife who's birthday it was released on. Shouts out to Medusa. Atavastic means "darkening the darkness" This is real black metal. There is a guest credit for Bloc Party for crafting all the non metal drums parts.

released September 29, 2019

Parallel Time by PIcturesofgrey
Parallel Time - Picturesofgrey
I could try my hardest to get this on tape. The music being pressed is. Thank you for being part of this album
What happens when we die? Martry for us and only us.
I (not as the opinion) want to thank the following people: The Horrors Klaxons Exo-Skeleton Stephen Morris Chino Moreno Kevin Smith Daniel Portillo Richie Gomes Austin Brewer Elijah Egber Suicide Girls THE ALL AMERICAN REJECTS Ben Gibbard Ludo Dave Grohl Matt Tong Russell Lissack Kele and Gordy Jonwayne Thrasher NME Vice Cadusus and Wheelbarrow Ocean Spray Tapitio Crystal hot sauce Elphant Six Kevin Barnes Nabisco And Zico Ollies Sikes Lee Osh Varg Crystal Castles windy Enter Shakiri

released September 17, 2019

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No Filter Remix by Thyemobasedlord and Bob Narley

Foot work and house from your favorite based lord and Narley fam

Where do I go by Self Harm Squad

After 6 years of no output Self Harm Squad return with a single.

The Great Seal by Picturesofgrey

Now signed to Alphapup records Picturesofgrey creates a new tape of Rihanna remixes. Please Enjoy the sweet seapunk
released May 8, 2019

Picturesofgrey and Rihanna

Tear Dropz by Picturesofgrey

This album is about trying in a way to get past the physical parts of life. Past travelling to space and coming back to see the world below. The ache is in it's structure. This is the full (discography) version of the album. Songs 4 through 6 were originally the space expedition version of the album. Now as it stands whole we see space travel as conditioned in the music, yet coming back there is always a thing to note here on this lovely planet. Blessed be all.


released January 30, 2019

I wrote all these songs in Woodland hospital. Jude Stern heard the acoustic versions of the songs before they were produced. The album was produced twice, but I had technical difficulties getting the first version of that album off the ground. The only thing left of that is "God Crying pt.1" and "Geometric pt.2" This album was recorded in Oak Park, Sacramento California.


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