Natasha-Poo just got HACKED by Jennahhh (;
WELL hello everyone. I'll be telling YOU a little about this wonderful person today(:
Her name is Natasha R; and her name should be sexy nough to give ya an orgasm.

Tasha, poop-face, boob, assface, beautiful, these are the nicknames you may call her.
Tasha is extremely EXTREMELY beautiful.

Her sense of humor is like HJLDSFHALKDFJSAKLDJALK ******** HILARIOUS;D
she makes me laugh like crazy, I almost shitted in all of my pretty panties jk

Tasha here is a very good listener, she'll listen to you b***h about someone she doesn't know for like 6 hrs. She's great at giving advice, and she's very very nice. If you are not this girl's friend, you're missing out it.
Oh, & she had super BIG boobies < 3 ROFL(:

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Ur Eternal Nightmare

I love this person. She's like the second sister I never had. <3 :3