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Art from Others (❁´◡`❁)

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My baby Rin from some beach theme
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Adrianne from a picnic theme
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An advisor ;;
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My blue son from a Tarot theme
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Magical Mini from the Mini Moon theme
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Sheepy Mini from a sheep theme
- Punkinchu

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My winged son by rsvp asap

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Milan by Orchid Dreams

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User ImageUser Image

M and Blue Boi by Orchid Dreams

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Milan by nomnompanda91

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Milan by Nanzzy-chan

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Sassy babby forgetting she can't wink (feat. Viridon) by MrTwinklehead

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Spectator Milan by MerrySoul

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Winged Party-Goer by MerrySoul

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Nature Spirit
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Grisalle Girl
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Him for New World Fool

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Cafe Crew by MrTwinklehead




⊱ ────── {.⋅ ♫ ⋅.} ───── ⊰
♀ || Need to Know || Human :p || Currently :
ʕ ̿–㉨ ̿– ʔ

        You can call me Pia. It's short and comfortable.
        I am neither of those two things.
        I'm kinda just here.
        I like lists so let's move onto those.

        Random Things about the Person Behind the Screen
        - I love puns
        - I'm bad at puns
        - I'm a writer. Not like... an accomplished one or a published one, I just... kinda do.
        - That said, I word real good sometimes
        - I'm not really great at this whole talk about yourself thing lol
        - Know that I'm bad at starting conversations
        - Know that you'll probably see me in the Runway forum, tho I sometimes poke my head into GCD every once in a while.

        Talk to Me About
        - Red Velvet
        - (G) I-DLE
        - GGs honestly
        - Dalcomsoft Superstar Games
        - Suikoden
        - Zero Escape
        - Bears

        My WL and Me
        - At this point my wishlist is just a list of things that I would like to remember exist
        - WL is currently up to date.



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Scompare lentamente la nostalgia da questo mio cuore
Da qualche parte ci sara qualcuno cha mi aspetta


Art by Orchid Dreams
If my text isn't formatted, I'm on mobile

I want Sylvan Dusk in every scheme.

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